Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I was tagged!!! :)

Hey everyone! Well, I was tagged by my bloggy friend Kari from The Busy Busbys! I hope these help you get to know me better! I love getting to all of you better too.

1. You can only pack 3 things on vacation. What are they?
Well this is a trick question....cause it would be different if I was going to the beach or to the mountains! hah! So, let's say it's a beach vacation...cause that is my favorite! I would pack one fabulous sundress, a swimsuit and good book! I think that's all I would need. There is nothing better than laying on the beach with a good book, taking in God's beautiful creation!

2. Where would that vacation be?
Well, I love Destin, Florida. But if I could pick would have to be HAWAII!!!! Hopefully someday my sweet hubby and myself can enjoy a vacay to that beautiful place! sigh....

3. Where was your first plane ride to?
I'm not sure I can remember. But, I'm pretty sure it was to Disney World! yay! I think that was my first family vacation. I heart Disney World. That is another place I would love to go to with my man!

4. Do you prefer turkey or ham for Christmas?
Turkey is my favorite, though I love both. However.....our family has a different tradition. For as long as I can remember we make a huge roast on Christmas Eve! And we always call it roast beast! (you know from the Grinch....they carved the roast beast?!) I love that tradition. And my momma always makes the most delicious roast. You would love it!

5. When is the earliest you shop for Christmas presents?
Probably November. If I see something special for someone....I will pick it up whenever. My mom and I have a tradition of going out on BLACK FRIDAY!!!! We have the most fun together. I will always try to do all of my shopping on that day. Then I can have the entire month of December to just relax and enjoy the festivities!

6. What is your favorite comfort food?
I love mashed potatoes and gravy!!!! I think that is as comforting as food can get!

7. You have a shopping spree to any store you want. What store is that?
Definitely TARGET!!!!!!!!!! I can find anything I'm looking for at that amazing place. And everything is so cute to top it all off. I wish I had one closer to my home. I have to drive across town to get to ours. But, I still love it.

8. What movie makes you cry everytime you watch it?
I ball like a baby when I watch Marley & Me. As you know, I'm in love with my sweet Miss that movie just kills me to watch it. I almost hyperventilated last time! oh my. Also, the Father of the Bride movies always make me cry. I just love em! I'm already a I tend to cry easily in movies anyway.

Well that's it!!! :) Feel free to answer these questions one and all! I love reading everyone's answers. Happy Thursday Friends!



Lauren said...

Ummm...are we sisters? I'm with you on basically all of that! Hubby & I are hoping to save up and maybe visit Hawaii next summer...I've only been once with my family but it was INCREDIBLE!!! And Marley & me...seriously, I live with Marley and I sobbed through the entire thing; I don't even watch the end now.

Nicole said...

I have the same Black Friday tradition with my mom! We've been doing it since I was in middle school. Unfortunately though, this is the first year we'll be apart for Thanksgiving. :[

I hope you and your hubby do get to go to Hawaii one day! It really is a beautiful place!!!! I think you'd love it!

Amanda Moury said...

Oh my gosh, that's so funny that you said "Father of the Bride"! My coworkers and I were just talking about that! Because I bought that movie a couple weeks before my wedding and couldn't watch it without blubbering everywhere! LOL Great post :)

Rebekah said...

This is great! Father of the Bride is my favorite movie! Before I got married, I watched it all the time and couldn't stand it. Ha, my dad did too!

partialemptynester said...

LOVE your answers!!!!! Our whole family went to see Marley and Me...including hubby's sister/bro-in-law and their kids...every single one of us of the 12-year-old boys cried, but tried to hide it until my hubby said, "It's okay, we're all crying!" Then we all cried some more...greatness!!!!

Love the Roast Beast tradition!!!

Natalie said...

oh gosh i LOVE target. We could get ourselves into some serious trouble there, girl! : )

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Mmm, I want mashed potatos and gravy now :) And careful what you wish for with living close to Target. I live literally 5 minutes away and can't get there fast enough :)

Jessica said...

Um, Hi. I'm your twin. I love potatoes, LOVE Hawaii and cried the first time I met Cinderella in person. :/

In this wonderful life... said...

I cannot watch Marley and me. I become a total mess!!!

I too am obsessed with Target! I want to play supermarket sweeps there! haha

Kari said...

I went to the movies to see Marley and Me and I was a mess. I cried like a baby and I hyperventilated too!

Callie Nicole said...

Marley and Me totally makes me cry too! Such a sweet movie . . .