Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! I am so looking forward to having a few days off this week. yay! I love Thanksgiving time...for many reasons. Yummy food, time with family, rest, the start of Christmas, but most of all, I love reflecting on the blessings in my life and the goodness of God. 2009 has been a very challenging year for us...but I have been able to draw closer to the Lord through everything. Good and Bad! A few things I recall off the top of my head....my kidney stone, tim's skin cancer scare, career changes (and everything that goes along with that!). However, I got through my kidney stone, Tim has no cancer to be found, and Tim got a new job and will be getting day shift at the first of the year! PRAISE THE LORD!!! Those are just the main things that just jump out to me first. Through those tough times, there were way more good times! We have found the Lord to be faithful in all times...in every season. I am so in love with my sweet hubby and love how he LOVES and serves the Lord and LOVES me second. I love my family with all my heart, I love my home, I adore my puppy, I'm thankful for good health, I'm thankful that the Lord meets our financial needs, I love my church, I love working with teenagers and sharing Christ with them, I am thankful for my job, I am thankful for my good friends, I love love the little fun tidbits of life, and most of all I thank the Lord for saving me and completly changing my life! Finally, I am hitting a mile stone birthday this Saturday......25! Boohoo! That really makes me feel like I am an adult or something. I must say, I'm a little sad. But, I love birthdays! I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! xoxo