Friday, January 4, 2013

It’s Me!

It’s true I hardly get the chance to blog anymore! I would really like to blog regularly….but I honestly don’t have the time.  I know I could make time, but I always feel guilty knowing that there are a million other things that I should be doing.  Really my only opportunity to blog would be during Eleanor’s nap times, but honestly those fly by!  And I am normally doing something around the house.  Right now, E is in bed and Tim fell asleep early on the couch.  So hence the blog post! hahaha!  I did want to mention to all of my sweet blog friends that I have made over the years…..that I am still reading your blogs!  I read everyday!  I have Reader on my phone and I will read blogs while I am nursing sometimes or when E has fallen asleep on me.  My phone doesn’t allow me to leave comments though!  Does anyone know how to do that? 

Since I haven’t blogged in awhile, I wasn’t even sure what I should post!  You know it’s going to be about our little Eleanor!  :) 

You must see Eleanor in her Christmas dress!!!!!!!!  She looked like a little snowflake princess.  I found ways for her to wear that dress several times in December. 

She looks like she is posing after a tap dance or something! She is stinkin cute!!!!!

We took E to see Santa in her snowflake dress!  She wasn’t too sure about Santa!  ha!  She did okay for a few seconds….long enough to get a picture.  And then she was done!  I am curious what she will do next year! 


I captured an adorable face while E was in her Christmas jammies!  It is so hard to get a face picture now a days.  She is always rolling around or putting something in her mouth! haha!  When does the putting everything in your mouth phase end? 


And this face just looks mischievous!  Love it!


And just for kicks…..and so you know Maddie is still around……Maddie taking in the sights on our Christmas roadtrip to mamaw and papaw’s house! 

And lastly…..a look at our ugly sweaters this year!  It’s always a pleasure to go shopping for new ugly sweaters each year! 

We had an amazing Christmas with Eleanor!  I hope to recap that on the blog too.  We are truly blessed! 

A few things I am looking forward to in 2013:  Continuing to grow closer to the Lord, planning E’s first birthday (eeeekkkkkkk!),  More date nights with my hubby, Working on house projects, Doing better at meal planning…….and a lot more things….but that’s all I can think of at almost midnight! ha! 

I hope each of you had a very happy and blessed Christmas and New Year! 

Lots of Love,