Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Miscellany Monday!

It's another week and another Miscellany Monday!!! Did everyone have a good weekend? I sure hope so. Mine was super duper busy...but I still enjoyed it! Only 2 more days in August....
1) We had a special offering yesterday at church to raise money for our building fund. As I had told you in a previous post....we are out of room and can hardly hold anymore people. Praise the Lord...we had an amazing offering and we are on our way to building that new church!! I can't wait.
2) We got some yummy blueberry bagels from a local baker this weekend. They are soooo good toasted with a little butter!
3) I keep feeling like I am getting a cold. It's been like that for almost two weeks. Does sleeping with a fan on and the window open cause that? I am stuffy all the time.....
4) A cool new place opened up downtown. It's called the Bistro Market. It has all sorts of neat things like gelato, salad and fruit bar, meats and cheeses, groceries, flowers, starbucks, hot food bar and more! It is neato!!! We have gone to look around and bought a few groceries and Saturday we went again and tried the food bar. It was yummy and lots to choose from. Oh...they also have patio seating. cool!
5) I'm a little I thought I would share. I have always been a small group leader for our youth at church. I am comfortable doing that and love it. It consists of leading them in discussions for the most part. But now starting in September I am going to be teaching the entire Sunday School lesson for the 8th and 9th grade girls. And I am kinda nervous. I have only taught an entire lesson a few times. This week I am going to study and pray a lot. I know I can do it, I am just nervous.
6) Mr. Tim and I speed cleaned our house last night. We got a lot done in a short amount of time! haha!
7) We found a new show on Discovery Channel. I think it's called Man Women in the Wild or something. He is an ex-Marine I think. Him and his wife go out in a dessert and show you what to do if you were ever stranded. They show you how to survive for 4 days. We are enthralled!!!
8) Has anyone been to Yankee Candle lately? I can't stop thinking about how badly I want one of their cute fall candles!!!! ahhhh...I need help! :)
Well, I have tons to do today, so I better get going! I hope you all have a blessed day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy weekend and a good book!

Hi everyone! Happy weekend to you! yay! Guess what? This is the first weekend of Mr. Tim's new work schedule....which means....we get to spend the whole weekend together!!!! We are both so excited. We have a lot going on Saturday, but it will still be fun just being together. :)
You are probably wondering what these pictures are I posted??? Well, this is a book series I am currently reading. It is called the "Yada Yada Prayer Group." I am on book #2 right now. I cannot tell you just how awesome these books are!! They are funny, powerful and challenging. I can hardly put them down. You might have noticed from my last post I was reading these books on the beach! ahhh! Nothing beats that. :) I wanted to recommend these books to you if are looking for a good read. I am not normally a "reader". But I simply love these and just can't stop. haha!
Has anyone read these books? I would love to know what you think?
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!!
With love,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Florida Recap.... knew the Florida pics were coming! I took tons. I tried to just pick out some highlights to show you now. And I have some more I will share with you later. :)
Breakfast at the Donut Hole Bakery & Cafe! We loved it so much, we went twice!
My brother and sis-in-law
This is my cutie nephew Izaak!
We had some gelato....maybe a few times! ;)
My wonderful parents!
Enjoying a good book on the beach!
My other cutie nephew Landen! He kept trying to eat the sand!!!

And yes...I did workout yesterday like I said I would! ;) I plan on running again tonight.
Good Night All!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm BACK....and Miscellany Monday!

I'm back!!! is soooo hard to get goin after vacation! ugh. But I am having a great Monday so far. I am so thankful for a wonderful vacation and time to just relax. Thank you for all your sweet "happy vacation" wishes to me while I was gone! I so loved reading them.

Today it's time for some Miscellany Monday thoughts.....

1) I would highly recommend Destin, FL as a vacation spot for anyone! The beaches are lovely. :) The shopping is AMAZING! It had the biggest outlet mall I had ever seen. haha!

2) My hubby started his new shift this morning at work. We are soooo ready to enjoy weekends together! yay.

3) I think I probably, maybe, sorta kinda gained a few pounds on vacay!!!! hahaha!

4) Guess where I will be tonight? THE GYM! :)

5) I'm ready to get to work on some more of my home renovation projects! We have plenty lined up.

6) After vacation, I feel like my summer is now complete. Bring on fall....and all the wonderfully glorious things that come with it! Fall makes me super excited.

7) I'm so thankful for God's amazing love and grace. I want my life to reflect God's love today.

8) I'm obsessed with my dog. I missed her so much while we were gone.

9) I took a huge step in my life during vacation.....I ate fish for the first time. :) More details on that in a later post! hehe!

10) I just went to Staples to pick up some toner for work. I love office supplies. I could spend an hour in there I'm pretty sure.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it's a great day for you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Soaking up the sun!

I am in Florida!!! Yay! I am really trying to savor every moment. Days just go by way too fast and I don't want this vacation to go by too soon. I won't have very long updates this week since I am not on the computer much...but I wanted to let you know how it was going!

1) I am BURNT!!!! lol! Today we were outside all day. I applied spf 50 two different times. But, I still got some red goin on. Tomorrow we decided would be a shopping day since we are so toasty! :) You should see Mr. Tim! He is totally Bob the Tomato!!! hehe.

2) We ate at the most delicious little diner tonight. I am stuffed.

3) The ocean is beyond beautiful. I love enjoying God's creation.

4) Shopping! It's terrific here......

5) I got my very first blog award from the sweet Wendy at
A&W. I will post about it later when I have a little bit more time.

Well....that's it for tonight. I need to get some sleep!! The sun makes you sooooo tired.
I hope everyone is having a great start to the week and is enjoying the last bit of summer.

With love,

p.s. i miss maddie soooooo much!!!! (that is my pup if you are new to my blog!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's almost time....

Hi Friends!
I have lots to do before we hit the road tomorrow for vacay!!! yipeeee!
Tonight I will be doing this.... I have got some major packing to do! I wish I had a pretty suitcase like this one.
Tomorrow I will be doing this all day.....
I do love a good road trip with my hubby next to me. We have some books on cd to listen to! I'm excited about that.
All next week I will be doing this....
Relaxing on the lovely beach in Destin, Florida!!!

I am soooo excited! Pray that we have a safe trip...and my hubby came down with a cold yesterday...on his birthday! Stink! He got to rest today, so I hope he feels better soon. I'm taking Zicam so I hopefully won't catch it. I offered to do some of the driving tomorrow, but he HATES when I drive! haha! That's fine with me.
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Thank you for all the sweet wishes for Mr. Tim's birthday yesterday. I let him read the comments...and they made him really happy! Thank you sweet blog friends. :) You make me so happy!
Love & Hugs,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

It's my sweet husband's 26th birthday today!!! I have a few special things planned for him....he is extremely hard to surprise! He is the most wonderful husband...I can't even put into words. I thought I would share some pics of him that I love! He doesn't take too many serious enjoy! Mr. Tim with snoopy at World's Of Fun!
Double barrel smoothies. He stole mine!!
I call this his GQ pic! heheh!
He always drives us that.
Adorable smile...
I have a hunk of a husband!!!!!!
Mr. Tim with our precious Maddie girl!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Happy Thursday everyone!! Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

cupcakes are everywhere!!!

Hey everyone! Guess what? A new cupcake shop opened up in our city!!!! yays! It's called The Cup. It is just about the cutest shop ever. I wish I would have had my camera with me so I could show you just how cute it is! Adorable decor. It is right in the heart of our downtown. I'm soooo exited to have a cupcake shop. Today I tried this yummy double chocolate cupcake. It was a dark chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting!!!
1) I got a few amazing clearance items at Target today! :)
2) I leave for Florida in 6 days! eeeeek!
3) I went to Charming Charlie for the first time today. I was very overwhelmed with all the inventory! wow. But it was fun to go! Has anyone been?
4) I love cupcakes!
5) I'm going with our middle school group from church to a summer camp for the next few days.

Well....I hope everyone continues to have a great weekend!!! You should eat a cupcake! ;) haha!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun at the fair....

As I told you in my last post....we went to the Fair! haha! We don't normally go, but we had a lot of fun! I love all the lights at night!
I LOVE the jugs of A&W root beer! :) My hubby drank 2 of them!!!!

I promised Mr. Tim a turkey leg....and a turkey leg he got!

There's nothing like Fair food! Thankfully we don't eat that stuff on a regular basis! We had a wonderful time and it definitely helped make my summer complete. :)
Tomorrow I have to do some last minute shopping for our trip to the beach!!!! ahhh! I'm getting soooo excited. What are your plans for the weekend?
I hope everyone has a good night!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do you like to go to the fair?

Sooooo.....last night hubby and I got talked in to going to the Fair!
That is normally not our cup of tea. But, we have a few sweet friends that really wanted us to we went. Honestly, we had a great time and it wasn't as hot as I thought it was going to be! What did we do most of the night? Watch karaoke! Enough said! :) I will share some of our fair pictures with you tomorrow. Mr. Tim said he would go to the fair on one condition. That he could get a turkey leg and a jug of root beer! His wish was granted.
(he even got 2 jugs of root beer!)
Have a lovely day friends!