Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I MADE IT!!!!!!!

Hello There!
Well, sorry for my blogging absence the last week. I was chaperoning our church's youth camp!
Meanwhile....this is the 100th post of my little blog! Very exciting! I have all sorts of things to share with you today. So here goes....
These are the girls that were in my room at camp. They are all going to be in 9th grade this year. I was very sleep deprived....but it was totally worth it!
This is a shot of the stage...the theme was Ignite.
Some of the boys in our youth group!

We packed all the silverware for the camp the Saturday before it started! It took forever! We had to put a knife, spoon and fork in a little baggie! Plastic gloves=sweaty hands!!! yuck.

Pics from our silverware packing party!

Also that day....we took the youth to sing at a nursing home. They did a great job. They were a little hesitant at first, but they ended up loving it and had fun talking to all the residents.

On a sad note.....
remember I mentioned to you earlier about our best friends getting ready to move? Well, last night we had to say our goodbyes!!! I hated it. I didn't think it would hurt that much. Let's just say my eyes are puffy this morning. It is hard to have good friends move away. I know we will still talk, but not having them around to spend time with will be hard. Ugh!!!!

Well, enough of the sadness!!! I did finish the scrapbook I was making them! I really liked how it turned out. I forgot how much I love scrapbooking! Now, I am going to make myself an album of all of our pics with them.
This week I want to... scrapbook, make some hair accessories, clean my house, go grocery shopping and relax! Sounds delightful!
Well, thank you for sharing my 100th blog post with me. It means a lot! I have had so much fun blogging and reading so many other wonderful blogs out there. I have so appreciated everyone's fun, sweet, helpful and kind comments to me. :)
Have a beautiful day!!!
With Love,

Friday, June 18, 2010

A wish from Maddie....

Hi friends, family and blog people!
I just wanted to wish everybody a nice friday and weekend!!!
My current likes are: my new friend dave, chips, lunch meat, belly rubs, my parents
My current dislikes: ticks, people that don't want to pet me, turtles
Ok. That's all.
Love, Maddie Well, thanks for letting miss Maddie share on the blog! :)
Thanks to my mommy-in-law for having us over for a delish dinner last night! She invited us and our best friends...the Jumps over for a goodbye dinner. Brian and Jade will be moving to South Carolina in 2 weeks. He has been called to be a youth pastor at a church there. We are going to miss them sooooooo much! The pic below is from last night. Not too many times left together....sniff sniff! :(
This is a recent pic of Jade and I....
We will miss them!!!
Guess what?
I think my next post will be my 100th on this blog of mine!!! Very exciting! I'm not sure what I will post about yet...so you will just have to wait and see. ;)
Have a great weekend!
Lots and Lots of love,
Tim, Amanda & Miss Maddie

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Carrie Underwood was AMAZING!!!!!!
It was way better than I imagined. I thought I would share a few pics with you. We had excellent seats! Her voice was incredible live, her costumes were gorgeous....it was just fab!

We went to Bruno's for dinner before. We had never been before...but it was delish! As you can tell, Mr. Tim is already annoyed with all my picture taking!!! haha! I'm obsessed.
We were totally pumped for the concert!!!
Carrie in red....with matching red mic & stand of course! :)
It was her mom's 61st b-day! She brought her on stage and we all sang to her.
Carrie in black & gold sequins with her band.....with matching gold mic of course!
Carrie in a flying blue truck! And you guessed it....a matching blue mic & stand!

Side note: She was in extremely tall stilettos all night...in flying trucks, moving stages...
I was scared she was going to twist and ankle or something! Nope, she's amazing!
Carrie playing guitar.....
Carrie in a lovely flowing skirt with ruffles! It ripped away for a costume change. She had jeans under it!
Carrie in a swing.....
Loving every minute!!!! I have the sweetest hubby for taking me. :)
Carrie at a glittery piano in a lovely blue gown. Glittery mic...YES!
Well, that concludes the pictures!
Believe me, I have plenty more if you want to see! haha! I must say, she put on a great show. Well worth the money! We had such a fabulous date night. I'm so thankful that my sweet hubby planned all this and wanted to take me to see my favorite American Idol of all time! He is so precious and I LOVE him with all my heart!!
Thanks for letting me gush!! haha!
Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guess what i'm doing tonight.....


Yep, it's true!!! I am soooo excited!
Carrie is my favorite American Idol of all time! She has so much talent and it's so awesome how she was discovered on AI. I don't ever listen to country music...but I do follow Carrie. Tim surprised me with these tickets on Valentine's Day this year! It was so sweet. I really thought there was no chance at all of getting tickets because they sold out within an hour I think. But Mr. Tim and my sweet momma worked together and really surprised me! Mom made me an adorable collage of Carrie pics and it had a seating chart showing where my seats were!! It was so cute! It kinda made my valentine's gift to Tim look like soggy cereal! Oh well! So, tonight it is DATE NIGHT! Mr. Tim is taking me downtown to eat and then we are off to the concert! I am super pumped. Well, I'm sure I will be sharing with you tomorrow about how awesome it was....so I will talk to you then!
I hope everyone has a grrrrreat day! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guess what......

I don't have anything that I HAVE to do tonight!!! whoop whoop!!!! I'm so excited for this evening....I can't even describe.
Things I'm planning on enjoying this evening:
1) cook a lovely meal
2) sit on the couch and do nothing
3) go for a run....i might not enjoy this, but i'm doing it anyway!
4) sit on the couch
5) scrapbook
6) catch up on some tv shows
7) talk tim's ear off! hehe!
8) maybe try applying some self-tanner again....LOL!
9) paint my toe nails hot pink
10) play with miss maddie
11) hopefully go to bed before midnight!

Well, all of that sounds divine to me! Okay...well I might wash some dishes and finish our laundry somewhere in the mix too.
I hope everyone else has a fabulous evening too!
p.s. thanks for reading my blog! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making the most of 24 hours!

Hello there!

Well, I have been sooooooo so so busy!

I really don't like it! I keep thinking things will slow down....but no sir. I am a home body and love to be at home just doing "stuff." Last night was the first night in a long time I got to be at home. I had made myself a to-do list of things I needed to get done. And....I got everything done except one thing. EXERCISE! However, I count doing yard work and speed grocery shopping as exercise! hehe! ;) After I got everything done that I needed to do, I only had a tiny bit of time left over for "free" time. I have a special project I am working on and I only had about 30 minutes to work on it! Oh well!

Tonight I am just as busy.

No matter what though...I am trying to find the joy and perhaps fun in every activity or thing I am doing. Today is all we have....so we better give it all we've got and live joyfully!

I know I'm not the only one strapped for time...and wishing there was just more of it!

So, how do you do it and make the most of your 24 hours?

I wish you all a lovely night!

(pic from weheartit)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is what I've been up to.....

Hello! This blog is going to be heavy on the pictures! Today is going to be around 90 degrees in Springfield!!! WOW! That puts me in the mood for a day at the pool! I can't wait for the beach in August!!!!!!!!!!
Well, here are some things I have been up to:

I am getting ready to put this on a headband so I can wear it around all summer! I love the button! Well, I just love buttons! Sorry for the fuzzy image...my camera STINKS!!! :)

This is a sneak peak of our bedroom redo! We put a really cute and functional bench under the window! Older homes have tiny closets!! :(

Sneak peak of our new bedding. I still need to find the perfect blanket, sheets and maybe some more pillows!

We are changing out the knobs on the dressers we found on Craigslist! We will also be painting them! These chrome knobs we found for under $1 a piece. Score!

This is a shot at the before. I can't wait to show you the AFTER!!

This is Mr. Tim at work preparing our thrift store finds for spray paint....

He is going to be chrome!

These little cuties got a new paint job too! We are actually changing their color again....I really wanted them to be aqua, but we couldn't find that color originally.

Here they are before. When we bought them, they were still in there original packaging! Cool!

These are a few pics from our Memorial day BBQ!
Mr. Tim with some other people's children!! :)

That is about it! It is sooooo fun working on our bedroom! It is a slow process since we are doing it on a budget. But, I love finding random things and making it work! (Very "Design on a Dime"!) However....I'm still on the hunt for LAMPS!!!
Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, today sure feels like a Monday! I am in need of a few cups of coffee to get me goin! I had a fun but also sad weekend. First the FUN!
I made some lovely lemon cupcakes for a friend gathering yesterday. This pic is not them! haha! If it were I would be very very proud! I did take a few pics from the weekend that I will share hopefully tomorrow. We also enjoyed some lovely time with family and friends. I definitely feel like I got caught up on some rest too!! YES!
pics from weheartit
Now the sad part.....
A 9th grade boy in our church youth group passed away Friday. He had some heart complications they believe and it was very sudden. It was such a sad weekend, but a lot of good has already come out of it. I have been thinking so much about how important living each day to the fullest is. We are not guaranteed tomorrow...so we should live each day as if it were our last. I am so thankful and happy to know that Bryan was a Christian and is much better off now! His funeral is Friday. Please pray for the family...and also pray for my husband as he has been asked to speak at it. He is very nervous about it.
Sorry for the sad note! But I hope that encourages you today!
Have a beautiful day everyone!
With Love,