Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am so tired this morning! ahhh! I have already had 2 cups of coffee! They are definitely not helping! Well, we will probably have a busy week. We are trying to get ready for youth camp stuff, open our pool, clean the house......Oh, we got Maddie some good tick medicine finally! We got her the K-9 Advantix! It was 4 months for around $50!!! Wowza! Oh, well! I feel better knowing that my little Maddie is taken care of! I hope I get to swim this weekend! We will have to see if we get the pool clean by then or not. Tomorrow at church our youth make their True Love Waits commitments if they want to. I am so proud of them and excited for tomorrow. I probably won't make it to the gym this week! blah! I hate that! And I definitely won't make it to the gym the week of youth camp cause I will be stuck in the hotel all week! Oh, and Miss Brandi's birthday is coming up next week too! Happy Birthday! :) And then the baby will be here shortly after that! hooray! I can't wait to be aunt banana to two lovely boys! LOVE IT! I have started watching food network star on tv. I really like it! Anyone else watch that one? I also watch So you think you can dance. I have such a great husband! Man, am I blessed! He is fabulous! And I don't think he realizes it. Last night he made me a grilled cheese and read me some scripture! haha! I LOVE IT! I hope you all have a great day! Happy summer!