Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hooray for the weekend!

Happy Friday Everyone! Yay!!!!!!
It's a Fabulous Friday at my friend Ria's blog! :) I know you are probably sick of hearing me say this but I leave for Uruguay a week from today! CRAZY! Where has time gone? Ready or Friday is gonna be here in a jiffy. This weekend we are going to go buy some toiletries and stuff for the plane ride. I can't decide if I want to bring any electronics or not? I'm pretty sure we are not bringing our laptop....but some people are bring portable DVD players for the long plane ride. I'm not sure I want to mess with it or not.
I'm excited to be going on this mission trip with the love of my life! :) We are praying! If you think of it....would you pray for us this week and while we are gone? That would be a real blessing!
Tonight I am a free woman! haha! Mr. Tim will be at a men's conference at church. Hmmm what to do? :o) I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna be lazy and wear comfy clothes around the house! That sounds like fun to me! Oh and I think I'll catch up on American Idol. It's on the DVR! YES!
Saturday, Miss Maddie is going to the spa for a haircut! She is majorly in need of one. Plus I don't want the girl house-sitting for us while we are gone to think Maddie is gross! Poor Maddie.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable Friday and weekend! :) I will be blogging next week...but then when we leave for Uruguay next Friday the 4th....I won't be able to blog for about a week. I will miss you all...but I will be one busy lady. Plus I will have tons to share when I get back!

Enjoy your Fabulous Friday! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

11 Days!!!!

Happy Tuesday! :o)
Well, I've got my I'm ready to roll!

Guess what? I leave for Uruguay in 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh! I hope I get everything ready in time. I haven't flown since I'm trying to figure out all the airline requirements and such. I don't want them throwing out my shampoo or anything! ;)

Oh and another guess what? Mr. Tim and I got new phones! Cool! We both had older, as some might say "uncool" phones....but our contract was about to expire and we had to re-up...and they gave both of us free "cool" phones!!!! Needless to say...I feel very COOL! haha! I'm a dork. Plus, I'm still learning how to use it.....

I'm excited for Lifebuilders tonight!! We are making heart shaped cookies for the kids and letting them decorate them! It should be messy...and fun!

This weekend Tim is going to a men's conference at our church! I'm excited for him and all the men of our church. Our pastor asked us women to pray everyday this week for the that is what I'm doing!

I hope your having a GREAT day so far! Enjoy every minute!

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marriage Retreat Weekend!!!! :)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I'm sad it's almost over. I'm getting ready to go to bed so I can be fresh and ready for Monday! I wanted to share some pictures from our Marriage Retreat we went to last weekend. We had so much fun with other young couples in our church. Me and my sweet hubby! I was sick during the marriage retreat!! :( boo! But it was still a blast.
Our church left us fun treats in our hotel rooms. We got candy, a journal, Carmel corn, post-it notes and a dry erase marker (the last two are for leaving your spouse little notes on the mirror or refrigerator!) Tim has already left me a few sweet post-it notes. :)
This is our group! So many fun, sweet couples!
This is me and my lovely sister-in-love Brandi! (hi brandi!!!!) We call each other seesters!
This was our table for dinner.
We played lots of crazy games.
Well, that's all! We had a wonderful time!!!! I'm so thankful for my marriage and to have a loving, Godly husband. He is 'da BEST! :)
Sweet dreams everyone! Ready for another great week.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Thursday Thoughts!

Oh my blog has been neglected this week! We have so much going on right now....I have not had time to update. I think this might be my story for the next few weeks actually.

One exciting thing this week....for everyone participating in Beth Moore's Scripture Memory Challenge! I had a moment (or a few moments!) of stress and fear this week. And guess what? The 3 verses that I have memorized in my heart this year came flooding to the front of my mind! I just started reciting those verses. I think that is exactly why God wants us to hide His Word in our hearts! I was helped and I got focused again and knew God was with me! Just wanted to share that. :)

Funny thing this I was running low on deodorant. yep! I was scraping the bottom for any last bit possible. Well, I mentioned to Mr. Tim that I needed to stop by Wal-Mart to pick up some deodorant because I have been out for a few days! (gross!!!) Then he says to me....that he has been out of deodorant too and he has just been using mine!!!!!! No wonder my deo got used up so fast! I guess they say... Secret...strong enough for a man, but made for a woman! heehee! We stopped off at Wally World last night for two sticks of deodorant! :-)

Unexpected thing this week.....we are having Spring-like weather in our city right now! It's AMAZING! It has been in the 60's all week. So gorgeous!

Money Saving Madness this week....I was going through my cupboards and realized I had everything I needed to make Taco Soup! YES! So, that's what we are having tonight. (plus...we will have left-overs for the next few days).

Romantic-ness this week...we might not have been able to celebrate Valentine's Day cause I was sick, but Mr. Tim leaves me sweet little notes around the house...and that makes me SO happy! I love little, unexpected things.

Thankfulness this week.......I'm so thankful that God is with me at all times! He is my rock, sustainer, provider and my JOY! I'm thankful for the little joys in life. I'm thankful for my FAMILY! (hi to my family that reads the blog!! i looooove you guys!)

Hmmm. Well I think that is all my thoughts for right now! :) I hope everyone has a lovely and joy-filled Thursday! I'm excited for my taco soup and I think I will talk a walk in this super weather we are having. It's going to be fabulous!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Sick on V-day...but it's OKAY! :)

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!!!
#1 Yes.....I am still sick! Booo! But thank you for all your sweet comments to me. I did enjoy our marriage retreat weekend...despite being sick and having a huge zit on my forehead. :) (note: the zit is still there!)

#2 I'm so thankful that my dear husband still loves me and thinks I'm cute even though I have kept him up the past 2 nights with my hacking and coughing!

#3 We are going to celebrate V-day at a later date!'s just a day on the calendar...and everything is marked up in price today. (or i could just be saying all this to make me not sad that I am sick....)

#4 I did wear pink today....just because it's the right thing to do. haha!

#5 I consumed a ridiculous amount of Hot Tamales candies this weekend.

#6 Happy V-Day to all of my sweet and kind blog friends...and real life friends! :) Love you guys! You add so much joy and fun to each and every day!!! xoxo to you!

#7 We leave for our mission trip in 19 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited but then slightly worried cause there is much to do!

#8 Give someone a big hug today! :-) A friend, family member or your spouse! Just love on someone.

#9 Remember that God's LOVES YOU more than anything today.

#10 I think I understand more about what goes on in a man's brain after the marriage retreat this weekend. Boy, are males and females different! It is so funny! I'm pretty sure God gets a kick out of some of our conversations and such. He made men and women to go together perfectly! It's funny and complicated at times....but when a couple figures out how to gel together (and this takes a lifetime of learning!) marriage is amazing! It makes sense!

Oh and Miss Maddie says Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)
Love you guys!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good news and bad news.

5 years.
Being married to my sweet, precious husband.
i LOVE him!
This weekend we are going to a marriage retreat for couples in their 20's. It is put on by our church. These weekends are always so much fun. I love the time with my hubby, plus hanging out with other couples! I know it will be a wonderful time of encouragement and taking in lots of wisdom from older couples in our church.
Marriage is such an amazing thing...I'm excited to spend the whole weekend learning about how to make it even better!
Okay- now I have stinky news...
Today I started feeling yucky!!!!! Noooooooooo! Not for the glorious marriage retreat. :( I'm so sad. Yep, I have a sore throat, a tickle in my throat and a weird chilly feeling. I know those sound like weird symptoms...but that's the best I can describe them. This stinks. Why did I have to get sick for marriage retreat and V-day weekend....
only the most romantic times for couples EVER!
sad. :(
Well, I'm sure hoping I wake up in the morning feeling spectacular! You never know.
Plus I have a huge zit on my forehead!!!!! Could I get anymore romantic?
Well, I'm off to medicate myself!
Love ya,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 days of the Valentine's Day challenge.....

I wanted to join in the Valentine's Day fun with these cute post ideas!
(Even though I am several days behind....i will catch up!)

When I need some ME time I lOVE to.....
*play on the computer without worrying about how long i have been on it!!!! haha! :)
*wear comfy clothes, no makeup and lay on the couch with a fuzzy blanket
*read a book
*go shopping!!! preferably to buy something...but even window shopping will do.
*scrapbook, paint or work on one of my other crafts!
*paint my nails
*eat cashew chicken, drink soda and maybe some chocolate and popcorn! heehee!

When I'm feeling down to cheer myself I LOVE to.....
*spend time with my husband!!!!!! he always makes me happy.
*spend time in the Word and spend some time on my knees
*have a cup of coffee (or two or three.....)
*go shopping! shopping can be some serious therapy!
*listen to some of my favorite tunes and sing insanely loud

If I could travel anywhere this snowy February, I would LOVE to go to.....
*well, considering in 23 days i will be traveling to South America...i think that pretty much covers my longing for some warmer weather! yay! Right now it is around 60-70 degrees and sometimes in the 80's in Uruguay! however, i like the snow too. i love enjoying all seasons to the fullest! :)

Have a LOVEly day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

When your mind is doing cartwheels....

Today is a wonderful day....however, it's one of those days where my mind is racing. Just a little bit ago, I almost had a panic attack! I had so many thoughts swirling through my head of things I have to get done and things "on my plate" and I felt ill. I just got done making myself a list. Everything I could possibly think of that was going through my head....I wrote down on paper. That little act of writing helps SO MUCH! I already feel better cause I can see what needs to be done. But now I think I should prioritize my list because it is just sooooo long!

I also just realized today that we leave for our mission trip in 25 days!!!!!!! Oh man....that is not much time! So much to do, but I know we will get it all accomplished and it will come together. Please pray for us if you have a moment. I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Time is flying, lots of things are going on....but all the while...I am growing closer to the Lord and learning so so much right now.

God continues to provide for our needs! Funds for our mission trip keep popping up here and there. It is a blessing and brings tears to my eyes. Praise HIM!

I had an unbelievable weekend! We had a choir workshop at our church...and I learned sooooo much! And trust was much more than learning how to be a better singer. God was working! I have lots to it will have to be for another post! :)

Don't you wish you could just snap your fingers and things would be done? haha! I have to go grocery shopping tonight after work. I actually kind of like grocery's just making myself go that I have a hard time with!

I'm thankful for: to-do lists, God's provision, coffee, my husband, special choir workshops and multi-grain cheerios.

Happy Monday Friends! :o)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well this is just fabulous.....

We had another day stuck inside!!!
But I'm not whining! :o)
I absolutely love this picture of my man! His smile makes me happy. He went out to try and shovel little Maddie a path to use the....uh toilet! :)
Do you see Miss Maddie?! We got a little over a foot of the white stuff.
Hard at work!
Maddie was hiding under the pool! hehe!

The view from our living room!
I loooooooove it! Like a lot! :) :)
The view from the backdoor before hubby shoveled it!

Hubby and Maddie putting out rock salt....
I love this man!
A lot of people here have been going stir crazy....but not me! I'm a homebody and love finding things to do at home with my family. It's the best and I'm savoring EVERY moment. So thankful for these days of surprise rest!
Today Mr.Tim shoveled our entire driveway in hopes that we can make it to work tomorrow. (neither of us have 4-wheel it is hard to get around!) Our next vehicle will definitely be 4-wheel drive! I'm soooooo so thankful to our precious neighbors for all their help when our car got stuck on our street. I love that people still help one another out! Thank you neighbors!
Well, what are you all doing?
Is anyone else snowed in?
Whatever you are doing, I hope you are having a wonderful day this Wednesday!
Lots and Lots of LOVE to you!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guess What?????

I get a SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been wanting one for awhile now! haha! And boy are we getting one. I'm sure a lot of my fellow bloggers out there are under the blizzard warning too. It's not all fun and hubby had to go into work. I was so so nervous while he was driving this morning. I packed him a safety bag with supplies (just in case!) He made it safe. Then when he comes home tonight, I will be worried again! lol! I have just had to keep praying this morning so worry and fear don't overtake me!!!!! I hope everyone is SAFE today if you are in the blizzard warning area! I get to catch up on my blogging! hooray! :)
I also have some other things on my agenda today. house is already CLEAN! So, I don't have to do anything there, unless I want to organize something. ;)
I need to take my finger nail polish off!!!! They are looking tacky right now.....chipped and nasty. Not a good look. (sidenote....chipped finger nail polish is the only thing that i know of that bothers my hubby. stuff i wear or how i fix my hair etc...doesn't matter....but when i have chipped drives him nuts! hahaha! he loves me so much and everything about me....but i dare not keep chipped nail polish around for too long cause I want to please my man! lol!)
The other weekend we were invited over to some friend's house for dinner and games. We had a lovely time and played SEQUENCE!!!!! It was my first time. I loooooved it.
Has anyone played it?

These are the lovely hosts!

Our hostess made the most yummy desserts! Husband had to know the recipe so she let me write on some recipe cards! :)
Wal-Mart was absolutely INSANE last night....everyone was stocking up for the blizzard. So, we went to Price Cutter instead and it wasn't as busy. We got stocked up...but I forgot something! I just realized I didn't buy any bottled water!
I love having a clean home! I wish it always looked the way it looks at this very moment!
Miss Maddie really doesn't like going out in the elements! heehee! Poor thing. I wish I had some little booties for her paws.
Well, everyone be safe and cozy today!
p.s. I got my two verses memorized for the Beth Moore Challenge! Now I have to find my two verses for February!!! :)
Lots of Love!