Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well look who it is!

Hello Everyone! It's been a loooooong time since my last blog! I have been hearing from several people that I needed to start blogging again! Sorry to everyone who enjoys reading these that I have let down! heehee! Something cool just happened a few minutes ago....last night I asked God that I might get to tell somone about Him today and share the Gospel....well, I just did! We had someone off the street come by the church I work at, asking for food. Normally I just tell them my ususal thing and send them on their way. But today, I told this lady about Jesus! I wish I would have said more, but I know I planted a seed. Thank you God for the opportunity. What if I shared Christ ALL the time? What if ALL of us shared Christ ALL the time? Who knows what the Lord might do?! I'm in! Whenever the opportunity arises...I'm taking it! How about you? On another note....American Idol is tonight!!!!!!!! Oh yeah! I get so excited for AI nights! It's so funny! And Tracy get's excited whenever ANY reality show is on! haha! Lova ya Tracy! This weekend is our Broadway Choir recording weekend!! It will be very tiring people! Soon, you will be hearing all of our voices on the radio! hahaha! Well....you never know! Broadway Choir CD.....debuting June 2009....get yourself a copy! :)