Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey! I am still pretty sore today! haha! I am crazy!!! Tonight, Tim and I have to find our Halloween costumes. We have to find them at the thrift store, cause we don't want to spend hardly any money. So, that is our mission tonight. And I really need to do some things around the house. What is everyone being for Halloween? We are helping at the youth party tomorrow, so it will be fun to see everyone's costumes! I hope everyone who is sick feels better really soon! Brandi, give Mr. Bear a hug for me! Well, that's it for now! Peace out!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beautiful Chin Music.....:)

Hey everyone! Well, Tim and I sometimes watch WWE wrestling. Then I always try to do the moves, you know....WELL...last night I was trying to do a move called Beautiful Chin Music by Shawn Michaels! Love him by the way! Well, I go up with both legs in the air, doing my thing...then I come back down to land and my foot slipped on the kitchen floor and I bit it..HARD! I was so shocked, so was everyone else. But, then everyone started laughing at me uncontrollably. So, my wrist and my right side is pretty sore today. I probablly won't be doing anymore WWE moves for awhile!! lol! On a different note, I am SO EXCITED TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh! I can't wait! Brandi..I can hardly wait! Congrats again! love you! I will also be an aunt on Tim's side. Josh and Jen are prego too! But, sadly I won't get to see that nephew as often since they live in KC. :( But, I will love them just the same. Being an aunt is just the BEST! Well, I better get back to work! Have a spooktacular day and Halloween!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Slanket

I'm having a pretty good day today! I am excited for church tonight! My parents are home safely! They are both tan! And they had a great time. I am so glad they are home though!!! (mom if you are reading this...i thought you were going to post a comment!! :) ) Well, I just drank almost 70 oz. of water! whoohoo!!!!!!!!! But, now I need a soda! haha! I wish Halloween would be over with so I can start putting out my Christmas stuff! I can hardly wait for all the Christmas festivities. I am singing christmas songs in my head right now! Last night on tv, I saw something called a Slanket. It is like a huge fleece blanket with sleeves attached so you can sit with it on but still have your arms free to do stuff. I really want one of those! lol!!!! I am sure everyone is laughing at me right now! That's one of those things I wish I would have thought of first and I could have made millions! Tim told me he could make me one himself by cutting the sleeves off one of my sweatshirts and sewing them on to one of our blankets! hahaha! But I said NO! I want the Slanket! Anyways! Enough with the randomness.......have a good night everyone!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am soooo sleepy!

Goodness! I am just so sleepy! I have really been trying to go to bed earlier each night...but sometimes we get too caught up in what's on t.v. Oh, my parents get back from their trip tonight! It sounds like they had a really fun time! I wish I would have been with them. Florida, shopping, beach, sleep...not to shabby! It's gonna be cold this week! yeah!!! love it. But, all of my sweaters are under the bed in a space saver vacuum bag! Brandi...I am going to have to borrow your vacuum again! haha! this weekend we are going to close our pool! Finally! The Hales told me that one time they didn't close their pool until Thanksgiving weekend! I really didn't want to break that record. Well, I guess that is all for now. Everyone stay warm and enjoy your day! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Good morning everyone! Well, I am trying something new....I am getting up every morning when Tim gets up. Normally I just sleep another hour. But, I have been thinking that I could do a lot in that hour. One, I could see Tim before he leaves for work. Two, I won't rush around like a crazy lady. Three, I can spend more time with the Lord. Basicly, it's all good! If just won't be lazy and sleep another hour I could be doing so much more and enjoying my mornings instead of dreading them. Normally, I just get up and throw myself together and rush out the door. I have been doing my Bible study and prayer time in the evenings, but I have always wanted to do them in the morning. The Lord tells us to rise early and spend time with Him. My day is already going better. On a different note, I made a yummy dish last night. It was called Nacho Bake. Tim loved it! I always feel proud when Tim asks for me to make the meal I know he actually liked it! haha! A shout out to my brother...I don't think he reads this...but Happy Birthday yesterday! He turned 25! I can't beleive it! Wow! Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's almost the weekend!!!

Hey yall! I am so excited it is the end of the week! almost! I am excited, but then a little sad cause Tim might have to work on Saturday. Sometimes Bass Pro has mandantory overtime. So....he probably won't get to go to the skeet shoot at church! That might be for the best!! lol! :) Oh my goodness...I have my outfit ready for Cowboy Days tomorrow! I can't wait. Tim and I might look a little ridiculous, but we love going all out! I can't forget to bring my camera. Last year I got a lot of funny pics of everyone. I am going to a baby shower tonight, so that should be fun! I always love looking at all the cute baby stuff! Does anyone watch the Unit? This week's episode was insane. One of my favorite episodes ever. Well, I had better get to work. The engine light was on in my car for a few days and now it is off! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a beautiful Thursday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hey everyone! Not much to say today. I am kinda stressed at work. Just lots of stuff going on and lots to do. Meanwhile, I am trying to plan what to wear to Cowboy Days on Friday. Tim has his outfit already. I am not sure what I am going to wear yet. Tim is going Skeet shooting on Saturday with all the church men....I sure hope he doesn't shoot himself or anyone else! lol! He has not shot a gun in a long long time! Might be a little rusty! I will stay at home on Saturday and work on the house. And Tim has requested me to make one of my special recipes for him on Saturday. So, I will be working on that. Well, not too much more going on. I hope everyone has a nice day. Some leaves are starting to turn! I am excited about that. :) Love you!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hooray for Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone! I love Fridays and I love the weekend! It's just GOOD!!! I have lots of stuff to do this weekend, but it will all be fun. I have been so very lazy this week. Not much energy! Tim and I have just been laying around like sloths every night. No running or going to the gym. Shame Shame...I know! Tonight we are going to Aaron's football game at HHS. It is their Homecoming, so at least I will get to see all the girl's in their dresses. That is always fun! Oh...I forgot to share with everyone....I am becoming a real cook! lol! I have been cooking from this recipe book that I have had forever, just never used. I am loving it and Tim is LOVING it! haha! The meal I made last night was so delish! I am proud of myself. I used to only make frozen meals etc. So, I will keep everyone updated on my cooking journey. I hope you all have an awesome weekend! Loves!!!