Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend wreath plans!!!

Look at these adorable cupiecakies with lucky charms on top! So adorable! Very whimsical!
These remind me of the cupcakes I got from Amycakes Bakery downtown. They were amazing!!! Everyone should go try some!

These are some random pics of some adorable homes! I would LOVE my home to look like these someday! Cute and cozy cottage.

As I told you earlier.....Saturday I am starting on my wreath project!!! yay! I liked this pic, but I am going to make a fuller one with different flowers than shown. I am really excited about it! I hope it turns out ok. If not....I'm not telling you! haha! :) It's my first time, so I'm a little timid!

pics from weheartit

Well, I have a fun but busy weekend planned!
What does everyone have planned? I hope it's lovely! xoxo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Chatter

Good morning to you!
How is everyone? I am having a lovely day so far. I started my morning off with some breakfast blend coffee with french vanilla creamer and a bowl of multi-grain cherrios. It doesn't get much better than that! One good thing about me getting up earlier to help Tim get around in the that I have been getting around on time myself! haha! Very true. This morning I had time for coffee, breakfast, pack a lunch, put on make-up and I was able to give Maddie a little belly rub too! It's all good. Last night Luke came over again to mow the lawn. I told him not to do the front....but he did it anyway!! He had been asking for a steak, so last night I made him a steak! They were a little thin, but I did get them at Wal-mart. I used a Paula Dean marinade and her method of cooking them in the skillet. They tasted really good. But I didn't have all the ingrediants to make her sauce to go with it. Oh well. It didn't really need it. I am very thankful for Luke! He has been such a blessing. I got a lot of house work done last night...I also managed to fit in American Idol! I loved Lee, Michael and Crystal! I thought they all had a fairly good night. They were way too hard on Crystal I think! Her boyfriend was cute!
Oh guess what? I am going to try my hand at making a wreath for my front door!!! I have been wanting one really bad...but they are all over $50 to buy one. I know I can make one cheaper! So, I am heading to hobby lobby on Saturday to start my adventure! I LOVE making stuff! I will let you know how it goes.
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Small Group Fun!

Hey everyone! Saturday Tim and I had our small group activities! I took our girls to Chili's and Firehouse Pottery. I'm excited to see the color of our pottery after it's fired! It is such a fun activity! I absolutely adore it. I made a sign for our house. It has two holes at the top where I can hang it with cute ribbon! I am very excited about it. Tim took his small group to a movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was so cute. A nice family movie. Then he took them to eat at Lili's Diner. It was a super busy day, but it is totally worth it. I love spending time with the teens. Looking forward to starting a new week! xoxo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok, so I need to floss...

These are some happy teeth pillows! A momma and baby!

Such a cute and hungry walrus!

pics from weheartit

I think my one of my teeth is like the sad brown one....well, it's not really brown...but it's sad because it is getting a mean root canal on Monday. Hopefully tooth will be happy after monday's procedure. He will have good roots again! Oh my! I'm a little on the loopy side. I'm trying not think about going back to the dentist Monday. I went this morning for a cleaning. Verdict is Amanda needs to floss more! Well, actually...I just need to floss! lol. I am making a vow to myself to take more time for my dental health. I am going to try to floss every night before I go to bed. They also told me to brush in a circular motion. Uh oh! I have been brushing back and forth. I am turning over a new dental leaf.

However, I will not stop drinking diet coke. No sir. I love it and it makes me happy. That's it.

Well, yes I did mow last night. I also sprayed some weed killer. Luke came and mowed our back yard again. I fed him dinner again. He is such a blessing and the sweetest kid. He makes me want to cry because he is so precious! Thanks everyone for all your mowing encouragement!!! It has helped me keep going! haha!

P.S. I also killed two bugs yesterday so I wouldn't have to make Tim get up and kill them! Who have I become?!?! I don't even know me anymore! Hahahahahah!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Morning people! How are you today? I am doing great! I thought I would just give a little update on things. pictures today. I don't have any new ones. I will this weekend because I am taking my small group out for an activity and Tim is also taking his out too. Last night I made a dish that tasted almost exactly like Chipotle!!!!! I am not joking here. If you have ever had one of there chicken bowls...this tasted just like it. We were just trying out something new, and it turned out way better than we thought it would. It was really fun to make too. Whenever we are craving Chipotle...we can save money and stay in! Take that Chipotle!!! haha! I also tried baking banana bread for the first time last night. We had some old bananas that I didn't want to waste so I gave it a whirl. It turned out really well. I think I baked it a little too long and next time I am going to add a little more banana and a little more sugar. Then I think it would be perfect!!! Also, heads up people....I am going to try my hand at mowing again tonight! It's that time again. We have tons of dandilions this year, and we didn't have them last year. It is very annoying to that I am the one caring for our lawn! I think I might stop by Lowes and buy some weed killer or something. I'll see what happens. You never know what I am going to be doing next! So watch out!!!
Have a lovely day. xoxo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Look at me go!!!

Yes....the rumors you have heard are true! Amanda Nicole Shepard mowed the front yard!!! I did it everyone! Honestly, I am very proud of myself and I didn't do that bad of job. As you can see from the pictures...husband was supervising from the front porch. I'm glad he was there because I had a terrible time getting the stupid mower started. That was the hardest part! Then, whenever I would stop for some reason....I would have to try to start it up all over again! I think I made my husband proud! It's a good feeling. I will tell you all later about the yummy dinner I made also. Oh, what a day I had!!! xoxo

Poison Ivy= No cast!

Happy Monday to you! This morning I took Tim to meet with the Orthopedist. Due to Tim's poison ivy and swelling....he can't get a cast! lol!! Well...maybe that's not funny?! Who knows! We have been laughing at everything and just making the best of every situation so far. He did say Tim has to wear his moon boot 24/7 now. He can only take it off to shower or put cream on the precious poison ivy!!! :) We go back to see the doc in 3 weeks and he will evaluate the progress we have made. Oh, one good thing is that the doc said the break looked really good and it should heal up perfectly. I am soooo happy about that. I don't know why people say stupid stuff...but people have been telling us....."oh your ankle will never be the same after that"...."you will always have problems with it now." I don't like all the negative Nancy's and negative Ned's out there! haha! That reminds me of Bro. Eddie's sermon last night! Worldly Wilma! hahaha! Well, enough of the ankle talk. I will try not to only talk about our ankle woes! On my agenda tonight: cook dinner, laundry, DWTS, forcing myself to workout and spending time with hop along!! :) It should be lovely! xoxo

Friday, April 9, 2010

Look....I'm Driving!!!

Here are some fun pics of one of our outings!! We are both having to get used to me driving us around. I think he might drive me crazy though with his passenger seat comments!!! We have an appointment on Monday with the Orthopedist to see if Tim will have to get a cast. I hope he won't! He is getting around pretty good...but he is still in a lot of pain unfortunately. The pain meds they gave him don't really help much. :( Well...I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. It is gonna be beautiful! xoxo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Husband's Broken Foot

Well, the title says it all!! Yep....husband has a broken foot/ankle! We were at the fitness center Tuesday night like usual. I was goin to town on the eliptical machine when this man came in and asked if I was Tim's wife. I immediately thought, OH BOY! What happend now?! He said Tim sprained his ankle playing basketball and he can't walk. So, I went downstairs to the court. Some other dude came down really hard and landed on his ankle. It popped twice. He couldn't walk out, so I got to push him out in a fun wheel chair. I have never seen him in so much pain. I hated it. We decided to wait it out and see if the swelling would go down. Things didn't get better, so I took him to urgent care yesterday and after a few x-rays and such.....2 small fractures!!! He left wearing a walking boot, and he goes Monday to see if he needs it casted or not. This stinks bad! But we have been making the best of it and we have already been making light of the situation. I have stayed calm, cool and collected through it all!! I know...surprize! :) I surprized myself with that one! Yay. I just kept thinking and keep can Tim stay calm if I'm not calm. I haven't even been quesy or anything. A few concerns have crossed my mind.....who is gonna mow the grass? :) I have never touched a mower in my life, and quite honestly I don't want to start now!!! haha! I don't think Tim wants me too either. He wants his lawn to live and prosper! Also, I have been and will be doing more driving. For those that know me well, know I LOATHE driving. I know I can do this. Tim also prefers to do the driving in the family. Well...the Shepards are switching things up!! I got this! I'm gonna be a lawn mowing, driving machine! On second might want to keep me in your prayers just to be safe! ;) xoxo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Workin in the yard...

Happiest Tuesday to you! Today Mr. Tim came by and ate lunch with me at work! I LOVE when he does that. It always makes my day wayyyy more fun. I love visitors at come one, come all!!! Tim went to Lowe's and bought a hatchet! hehe! Well, I wasn't sure what a hatchet was. I was totally picturing a long pole with a big knife on the end! I was wrong. But, Tim let me hold it. Then I decided I should proably not use it....ever! I can see myself sending that thing flying!! Tim started yard work today. We have some crazy huge weeds and bushes that need to be tore down with our new hatchet! :) I wanted to help in some Tim said he found a few things I could do. We had a lovely Easter weekend. Church was amazing. Bro. Eddie preached such a great sermon. The choir concert was awesome and such a blessing. I got tons done on my spring cleaning checklist! LOVE it! Maddie has been helping too...but she is tired from all the hard work!! :) Everyone have a lovely day. xoxo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen! We serve a risen savior! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with family and friends. It should be lovely on Sunday. I am very excited for our musical at church. It is going to be so powerful. Tomorrow I am starting on my spring cleaning adventures!!! Yay! I am looking forward to this. xoxo