Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good morning….today is Tuesday….NOT Monday!

It feels like Monday!!!!  I don’t think I can get passed that feeling today.  I had the most glorious looooong weekend!  I soaked in every moment!  I was too busy to get all my pictures onto the computer….so no pictures yet!  I was too busy relaxing by the pool!  :)  sigh….

One of the biggest highlights of my weekend was Sunday.  My very own husband preached his first sermon to “big people” on Sunday!!!!!!  He has taught youth and college many times…..but never adults.  He was invited to be a guest preacher at a tiny church in our town.  Thankfully it really is a tiny church and there were only about 20 people…..and we brought our entire family….so we added another 10 people! ha!  Very very sweet people. I was so proud of husband.  He did a wonderful job and didn’t even seem nervous….even though I’m sure he was!  And they asked me to sing also! haha!  So I did!  I took lots of pictures so I will be sure to share them soon!

Monday we relaxed by the pool and sat outside in the beautiful weather all day!  It was fabulous!  However I must not be the best at applying sunscreen because I have splotches on me…..I missed quite a few spots!  ha!

Oh and I finally soaked off my Shellac manicure last night……on day 17!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe that?!  You could tell my nails had grown but there were still NO CHIPS on the polish!!!!  That stuff is amazing! 

Big news people:  my very first 5k race is this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have been reading the blog….I have been talking about my training and such for the past few months.  I am super duper nervous about!  I know I can do it, I think I am just psyching myself out.  I just want to encourage everyone who has ever wanted to run and has been too afraid or thought you couldn’t do it!  YOU CAN!!!!!  Trust me.   I started out barely being able to run for 90 seconds!  Say what?  Oh yeah…..that is no lie!  Now I am running a 5k!  I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe I am actually doing this!  I am very proud that I have stuck with it.  I have definitely seen huge improvements in my body, health and self-esteem. 

Well, I’m thankful for McCafe coffee this morning.  (got up too late to make my coffee! boo! )  But kudos to McD’s for getting me through the drive through in under a minute!  I’m pretty sure that’s a record! 

I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs and read about your weekends!  Hope everyone enjoys this week!  :) 



Friday, May 27, 2011

You look so much better when you SMILE!

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you are having a great start to the weekend! I am sooooo pumped cause this is a 3 day weekend! woohoo!

Right now Tim and I are chillin to the max! He fell asleep on the couch a few minutes ago…..so now I have free reign of the TV! ha! I’m catching up on my DVR tonight…..watching episodes of The Voice! Oh and I have laundry going and the dishwasher going. I love nights like this!

Last night I watched the American Idol finale on the DVR. Ummm lots of weird performances that I had to fast forward through! But, I LOVED Jacob’s performance with Kirk Franklin. Now, I was never a Jacob fan all season….but I love me some Kirk Franklin! Gospel/R&B is one of my favorite styles of music. Oh yeah….and I always love Carrie Underwood. She is just insane. In a good way!

I found Kirk Franklin’s official music video (click here) to his new song Smile. I really really want his new album! I wanted to share the video with you….it’s so cool! At the bottom of this post is the American Idol performance.

On American Idol the song was dedicated to all those dealing with the tornado aftermath and loss. It was really powerful!

Have a beautiful weekend friends!

You look so much better when you smile!!!! :)



Girl’s Day Out Recap!

I had such a wonderful time at our Girl’s Day Out last weekend! I love having time to hang with my girlfriends. We are all so different….but get along perfectly and add so much to our outings! haha! We went to Branson to eat at Cantina Laredo! This place is sooooooo good! I had phenomenal self control over the chips and salsa issue. I’m proud of myself. I always fill up on chips and salsa before my meal. I think that is just a requirement at Mexican restaurants though. :)


I ordered the fiesta lime grilled chicken salad! It was divine.


This is the adorable pregnant lady of the group! Greta is the cutest! Her baby is due in August. This will be our last girl’s day before the baby comes…..


Enjoying our yummy lunch!

After lunch we went shopping at the OUTLET MALL!!!!!! Another requirement for any girl’s day! I found a few super cheap deals.


After our fun in Branson…..we drove back to Springfield to have a baby shower for Greta and her hubby. It was so fun!


I love my friends! Thankful for girl’s day. I’m thankful for the Godly advice and wisdom they offer. I’m thankful for the laughs. I’m thankful for their love.



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Addicted…..to Taboo.

I forgot how much FUN the game of Taboo is! Seriously. DSCN2720

And I guess I also forgot that I am TERRIBLE at Taboo! ha!

I’m a great guesser though. You would definitely want me on your team to help you guess….but not to describe the word. I ALWAYS get buzzed!


We had some college kids from church over to our house.

Dessert, Taboo, Maddie on the coffee table….the usual.

She is always the center of attention. I don’t mind though.

I could have played that game well into the wee hours of the morning. So fun.

Other games I love:

Dutch Blitz





Mad Gab

What games do you enjoy? I love finding new games. I hope to have a huge game collection someday!



Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Happy Wednesday Everybody! :) 

What an insane week this has been weather wise.  I’m still so shocked and sad for Joplin.  We have just been on alert every day because we continue to have tornado warnings in our area! 

To lighten things up a bit….I’m linking with Jamie for WILW!  Go ahead and join up too!

I’m loving…..the dog we are dog-sitting for!  She is the sweetest little thing!

IMAG0242 Tim and I are professional dog-sitters.  I’m kind of joking! ha!

I’m loving…..that my little nephew Izaak promoted in his Awana Cubbie’s class! 


He was by far the cutest almost 4 year old on stage….and I’m not biased or anything! ;)  Oh and they each got a cute little teddy bear that velcros on their vest! awwwww!

I’m loving….Bath & Body Works Candles! 


A very sweet lady in my church gave me this scent as a gift a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the cherry or not….but trust me, it’s amazing!  These candles produce so much more fragrance than any other candle brand I think.

I’m loving…..my sweet husband of course!


Everyday is exciting being married to him! 

I hope everyone has a great hump day!!!!  Please stay safe if you are in tornado area like me.  :( 



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the go-to dog sitters.

We are dog sitting….again….at the Shepard house! :)

DSCN2770Say hello to Laylah!  She is a sweetie. 

Please note:  Maddie is sniffing her butt. 

I’m sure Maddie is thinking in this picture….. 

“hey that’s my dad!  get off of him!!!”

DSCN2773  We love dog sitting actually.  We love babysitting too. 

I guess it fills that “no baby” void until we are blessed with our own Shepard baby someday.  

Monday, May 23, 2011


Globe/Roger Nomer
Car damage along Rangeline Road

Please pray for Joplin, Missouri!  Joplin was hit last night by tornados.  Out of all the tornados to hit Missouri, this one has been the most deadly and caused the most damage.  It is so scary because it hits so close to home.  Joplin is about 1 hour from my home.  We were spared and I am thankful.  But I am so sad for the city of Joplin.  I can’t begin to imagine what that is like.  One of my friends has a family member that lives in Joplin.  She is 5 weeks away from her due date.  Saturday night she had a baby shower.  Now everything is GONE.  She has no home, nothing for her baby……with the baby coming in a month.  My heart is broken for her and so many others.  Please pray for these people.  I want to go help….but right now they are asking that everyone stay out until they can get relief efforts organized.  Only medical personnel is being asked to come. 

Globe/Roger Nomer
Academy Sports on Rangeline Road

I am alone at work today.  And I’m kinda scared!  The weather is scary today.  I’m thankful that the Lord is with me wherever I am, at all times!  61807666

(all pictures from here)

Trust in the Lord at all times. 

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe”   Proverbs 18:10

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did you know?

My friend Jamie Leigh from My Walk to I Do gave me a blog award a few weeks ago.  Thanks Jamie!  :)  Jamie is going to be getting married very soon!  I’m so excited for her! 

I am suppose to tell you 7 things that you might not know about me. 

1.  I have always wanted to own my own small business….bakery, flower shop, boutique.  whatever!  I think it would be so neat.  I would love to be there every day- doing something fun and creative!  Plus I would bring Miss Maddie with me! ha!

2.  Growing up I was a dancer for 14 years!  The first 4 years I did clogging! (go ahead and laugh!)  I know.  Very random.  Then the rest of my school years I did ballet, jazz, tap and modern.  It was so much fun….and hard work! 

3.  I struggle with worry a lot.  I hate that I’m a worrier.  I’m workin’ on it! :)

4.  I’m the worst decision maker EVER!

5.  I hate driving on the highway.  I try to avoid it at all costs! hahaha! 

6.  I love things with fruit on it.  Like a cup with cherries on it….or a hand towel with lemons….or flip flops with strawberries.  I’m obsessed!  I have been my whole life.

7.  I desire to be a stay-at-home mom someday!  I want to have a cozy, loving and happy home for my kids.  I want to be the one to teach them instead of daycare if possible.  I love nesting and homemaking!

I’m so excited for this weekend!  All day Saturday I will be having girl’s day with my best friends!  I can’t wait!!!!!  I hope everyone has a great weekend! 



running buddies!

496_469_Ali-Larter-Josh-Duhamel-Help-Launch-Reebok-RealFlex-4Have you seen the new Reebok commercial?  These are the new Flex running shoesI heart the commercial!  The little squares have cute faces that talk…..you have to see it to know what I’m talking about….or you probably think I’m crazy! ha!  I think they call them “running buddies”.  I want some running buddies.  The commercial is CUTE, but the shoes actually do seem appealing.   Reebok says that these shoes “have realflex sensors that work together to promote natural movement while protecting you from the elements.”  I am in the market for some new running shoes.  I believe you are suppose to get new shoes after around 500 miles or so.  I haven’t kept track of the miles on my shoes, but I know I have had them for awhile.  reebok-realflex-76-buddies-commercial-ad-video-1-600x337 Does anyone have a favorite running shoe?  I have heard from many people that Asics are the way to go.  But they are also normally around $100!!!!  No thanks.  At least not right now! haha! 

Mr. Tim surprised me with this pink arm band for my ipod last week!  He ordered it from Amazon.  Before, I would just carry my ipod in my hand while I ran.  That was annoying! Thanks husband!


I am also in the market for some capri pants for running and sport earphones.  :)

Only 2 weeks left until my very first 5k!!!!!!!!!  eeek!



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


WILW How is everyone today?  I’m having a great week so far.  Except for this lady who said something very rude to me yesterday…..and I’m still sad about it!  (let it gooooo Amanda!!!!!) haha!  :)  Besides that, I’m doing fabulously.                        I’m joining Jamie’s blog  for WILW. 

I’m loving….that I had a really good run on Monday!  I’m not gonna lie though, I wanted to quit 4 different times during my run.  Like seriously quit.  It was rough.  But I’m so glad that I didn’t quit and I MADE it through. 

I’m loving…..that this Saturday is Girl’s Day Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  222987_10150188717458606_501583605_6754633_222670_n  These are just a few of my sweet friends…..but Saturday we are all going out! woot!  We are going to drive to Branson to eat at Cantina Laredo and go shopping at the outlets! And then we are having a baby shower for one of our friends. I could not be more excited! :)

I’m loving…..that my husband does funny things.  99.9% of the time.  It makes me happy.  A few weeks ago we went out for chinese and he stuck his fortune on his forehead.  Thank goodness it wasn’t for the whole meal…IMAG0085I’m loving…..that God is always faithful.  In every season of life….he is good and worthy of praise!  

I’m loving…..my precious husband!  He is one of a kind and I love being married to him!231120_10150188714283606_501583605_6754598_2225178_n

That’s it for today!  I hope everyone has a very blessed day!!!!!



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Graduation….


Tim’s little brother graduated from high school tonight!  Whoohoo!!!! Go Thomas!  We are proud of you.  I’m 100 % positive that Thomas does not read this blog….but I thought I would post this anyway. ha!  We are very proud.  Thomas is going to attend Southwest Baptist University in the fall and he wants to be a youth pastor someday!  I couldn’t be happier for him. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Misc. Monday!

Hi, Hello, How are you? 

Oh and Happy Monday to you! :)MMbutton3 I always enjoy miscellany mondays with carissa!

so….time for some randomness.

1.  I’m very excited for this week!  I’m not exactly sure why….I just feel the excitement. 

2.  We have running club today and I am PUMPED!  Basically because it is           p e r f e c t running weather today.  Not too hot and not too cold.  No rain or crazy winds.  It should be a good one!  However….I’m a tad scared because we are increasing our run time this week.  I believe it is 30 minutes.  oh my my!

3.  I had one of the most fabulous weekends ever!  A very relaxing Friday night, fun times with my momma on Saturday, lunch with some of our best friends Sunday and always fun times with the husband!!! 

4.  Speaking of fun times:   My momma and me decided to try out the new Shellac Manicures.  I had heard all the buzz….so now I get to try it out myself!  I’m loving it so far.  Do you know it dries instantly?  Incredible.  I will give you more details later this week!  With full pictures of course. :)

IMAG0167 5.  We tried to make our very own juice spritzer thingy.  Not sure whatcha call it.  We took sparkling water and added pomegranate and cranberry juice together.  Not bad at all friends.  It’s suppose to help tide your soda cravings.  We shall see about that.  Nobody comes between me and my diet coke.

6.  Fruit bowl on the counter= healthy snacking.  I’m keeping that bad boy filled up with lots of yummy fruits.  It works! 

7.  Husband has been asked to preach at a little church on May 29th.  He is just filling in….no one get all excited….we are not moving anywhere right now.  It’s just one Sunday peeps!  I don’t think Mr. Tim is too nervous right now.  However….his wife is about to pass out from nerves!!!!  haha! This will be his first sermon ever to “big people”.  He is used to teaching teens and college age.  I just know I will be sitting on the front pew that Sunday will my legs shaking and my thumbs twirling. 

8.  Miss Maddie has been extra cuddly lately.  Plus I think she might have a cold.  She has been trotting around the house sneezing.  Hmmm…maybe it’s allergies?

9.  Blogger has been sooooo weird.  I wonder if this post is going to disappear? 

10.   Is anyone taking a vacation this summer?  Do tell?  I want ideas!!!!!!  I’m thinking I might want to do an “adventure” vacay this year.  Obviously take time to relax.  But I think it would be fun to hike, white water raft, run, sit under the stars, drink tea.  I dunno.  Ideas?

Well, that’s it for today!  Love ya’ll and hope you have a very blessed day!



Thursday, May 12, 2011

a surprise in the garage….

So, this might be the grossest thing I have ever seen. IMAG0039Confession:  I might have forgot that I put some potatoes in our garage.  

And by forgot…I mean I have NO IDEA HOW LONG THEY WERE OUT THERE!   Husband was cleaning out the garage the other day and found this special surprise.  :)  He was not grossed out at all.  But when he showed me, I almost vomited.  Disgusting.  Potatoes creep me out in general…when they grow the small little nubbies.  So, you could imagine my fear when I saw those big daddy sprouts!   Please tell me that someone else out there has found crazy looking potatoes in their garage before?  No?  Okay…I know it’s gross. 


Oh yeah…and Miss Maddie says HI! 

This is her spot in the kitchen.  If you need to stand there to wash the dishes….forget about it!  Maddie will not be moved!  :) 

Happy Thursday to All!



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

this is what i am loving:

I'm having a great day. A great week for that matter! The only thing that could make it better is probably a diet strawberry limeade. Yep, I think that would do it.

So I'm linking with Jamie on this gorgeous day to share what I'm loving!

I'm loving.....diet strawberry limeades. duh! :)

I'm loving.....roller coasters!!!!!!

Most likely due to the fact that we just went to Six Flags last weekend!

I'm still high on life.

I'm loving.....our stupendous weather this week! (haven't used the word stupendous in awhile) Minus the VERY HOT day we had Monday....it's perfect running, picnic and bbq-ing weather!

I'm loving......this cute little couple!

This would be Mr. Tim's little brother Thomas. I bet you can't even see the resemblance? ha! On his arm would be his sweet girlfriend, Stevie. Yep, a cute girl and a cute name! Thomas is graduating from high school next week and Stevie is just finishing her first year of college.

I'm loving.....c o f f e e! But what's new right?

I'm loving......my hunk of a husband! :o)
Lori Flett of Jewel Photography took this pic of us at STARS last weekend. I happen to love this picture....cause I heart being cheek to cheek with my man!

I'm loving.....hearing husband preach/teach. Tonight he is teaching the youth and the college groups at church. So....I get to hear him twice!

I'm loving.....that I will be wearing flip flops, sandals, what-have-you, for the next 4 months at least! Toes rejoice!

I'm loving.....CHIPOTLE! Me and the Mr. have always loved this establishment as you can see from my previous posts. Sadly, we went astray for awhile. I'm glad to say we are back! Look out crunchy tacos...

I'm loving.....this song! You can't beat Hillsong. And their new song Stronger is amazing!!!

Hope you are all having a very happy Wednesday!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Note to Self: Don' run in the summer.....

So....running last night in the 90 degree weather was a BAD idea! very bad. haha! I'm laughing about it now. During my run yesterday I seriously contemplated sitting now on the side of the road hoping someone would pick me up. Anyone? Bueller? It was rough. Even though it was miserable....I still added 12 minutes to my run! woot! I think it took me about 2 hours afterward to fully recover!!!

I'm glad I can say that I DID IT!

Over the weekend, we took the jr. & sr. youth out for STARS. It stands for Students Taking A Right Stand. It's just a prom alternative for them. They get dressed up, we go to a fancy restaurant, stay in a hotel and go to Six Flags! It's a really fun event for them. I will share more pictures of that later this week.

On another note.....it is crazy what God is doing in my life right now! The past week God has been showing me things, using books, songs and bringing people into my path that have really been speaking to me. It's like God is saying "Hello Amanda" "Listen to Me"!!!!! All these little things I believe God is using to mold me and help me through a few situations I am facing. I am so thankful! God is so good and He is faithful! This is a quick picture from the STARS trip we took with the youth group! :) I still love dressing up with my hubby! He looked goooooood!

Hope ya'll are having a beautiful day so far!

Rejoice in this day and be GLAD!!!!



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Love.....

I'm thankful for this beautiful Wednesday that God has allowed me to take part in! :) I'm actually not having the greatest of days today....but I keep reminding myself of how good God is and how He loves me. If I don't try to keep a positive attitude...I know this day will go kapoot!!!
Anyways. I have several things that I am loving today (and everyday)!

I'm loving.....
The fun date that we had with our nephew over the weekend! It was the BEST!!!!!

Izaak getting ready to pick out his movie treats! :) He looooooved his popcorn!

Showing off his happy meal toy!

I'm Loving......
Crystal Light! Husband has got me hooked on these little packets. I didn't really care for them....but now I must have one in my purse at all times! It has really helped me not drink as much soda. My sis-in-love told me about a new thing that comes in a bottle that you can carry around and squirt into your water. I can't think of the name.....but it looked cool!

Brandi, if your reading this...what is the name of that cool stuff???

I'm Loving........
(pic from weheartit)

Running Club! I'm so excited but yet very nervous! Because....this week we have to run 2 miles without stopping!!!!!!! Ah i'm scared. haha! :) It seems impossible, but I know that if I just push myself to keep going past that mental fear I can do it! I know my body is prepared because we have been running for over a month now.

I'm Loving.......the sunshine today!

I'm Loving......the relatively "healthy" frozen pizza I discovered at the store this week! It will be nice to have on hand in the freezer to keep us from going out to eat when we are tempted. :)

I'm Loving.......this verse:
I'm clinging to this verse right now.

That's it for today! I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far!

Remember to give someone a smile and a warm hug today!!!!

Oh and don't forget to hug your puppies.....just because! :)



p.s. You can join up with Jamie to do your own WILW! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If I had a money tree I would buy.....

Lots of Shabby Apple dresses! I am so obsessed with Shabby Apple dresses right now! I am always looking at their website, drooling over all their cute dresses. If I had some extra moolah....I would most certainly buy these dresses!

I love this bright green and the stripes.....

I love the color of this dress....plus it looks really comfy!

Now, I just need a money tree in my backyard. yep! :)

If that was the case, I would also have a closet full of Anthro clothes...and I would be the best dressed lady in Missouri!

I only own 1 Shabby Apple dress currently....and I LOVE it!

Is anyone else super excited about wearing dresses this spring and summer?

Monday, May 2, 2011

miscellany monday thoughts....

Happy Monday Friends! :)

I haven't done a miscellany monday in awhile....so I thought I would today. Join up with Carissa here.

1. I wish the rain would stop. I've had enough already, thank you! Except....I wouldn't mind if it kept raining at night time to help me drift off into a nice slumber. :)

2. I cleaned Saturday. Almost EVERYTHING! I didn't get to clean the shower, so hopefully I can do that tonight. I loathe cleaning the shower. I had lower back pain from cleaning all day! haha!

3. Friday night Mr. Tim and I took our adorable nephew out on a date! It was the best time. We got happy meals and went to see Rio. It was such a cute movie. I highly recommend it! ;) The bulldog was my favorite character.

4. I had a TERRIBLE run on Saturday!!!! I was so disappointed in myself. It was the first time I quit. I was just really tired and I don't think I was hydrated enough either. oh well. I will just get back out there today. I have Running Club tonight after work.....

5. I need to grocery shop. Like ASAP!

6. Husband is having to drink Folgers coffee this week instead of his Dunkin Donuts since I haven't made it to the store. He acts like this is the worst thing in the world. ;)

7. I am obsessed with new music lately! I just need a little more moolah so I can buy all these albums on itunes! I really want to get the Chris August, Audrey Assad and Mandisa albums!!!!! They are all great Christian artists if you are looking for some new ones.....

8. I want to be a doer of the Word....not just a hearer only....as it says in the book of James. I'm thinking about that today.

9. Watching HGTV makes me think I can do anything. Currently I am thinking.....just how hard can landscaping really be??? I think I want to go out to my lawn and rip some ugly shrubbery out and design a new scape!! I know I'm crazy....and I highly doubt that I will ever do any of that. But a girl can dream.

10. Sometimes I forget that anyone could be reading my blog. duh! it's on the WWW! :o) I have just been hearing lately from quite a few people that they read my blog and I had no idea! I am shocked I guess. I wonder why anyone wants to read about the random tidbits of my life? But...I love reading random tidbits about other people on their blogs or facebook. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say actually! ha! I guess...if you are a reader of this blog....thanks! Thanks for your friendship, love, prayers, inspiration and lots of other things! It doesn't matter if I know you in real life or not. Blogging is such a neat thing. (so don't be afraid to say HI. i like knowing who is reading!) :o) I'm really not sure where I was going with that whole paragraph?!

I hope everyone has a very happy and blessed Monday!!!!