Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Friday Thoughts!!

Happy Friday to you!!!!
Well, I thought I would take a lil space in my post today to brag on my hubby! I am soooo so so proud of him. He always makes me proud...but lately even more so! If you have been keeping up with my little blog you might remember that Tim broke his ankle about a month ago. Well, he is doing great and walking on and pretty much back to normal! Yipeee! (so glad i don't have to mow the lawn anymore! lol) Last night he went on a walk/jog with me! Anyways....I wanted to announce that he just found out that he will get Sundays off at work starting next week!!!! Woooohoooo! He has been trying for that for a long time...and no luck. But, he has really been excelling at work and was able to get that day off. I am one happy lady! We still don't get Saturday together, but I guess I can live with that! We never get to spend a whole day together, so I am PUMPED about this!
Well, I thought I would show some pics of this wonderful man of mine.....

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

I just had to share this pic from last Halloween! Tim and I were tacky tourists.
BEST picture EVER!!! :)

Mr. Tim enjoying a lovely picnic...
that is Maddie's toy by the way!

The day we became the Shepards. I am so thankful for him.

Well....thanks for letting me brag a little!

This weekend I am excited about:
-time with family
-time with friends
-working on a few crafts i have
-maybe a lil pineapple whip
-going for another walk/jog or two

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!
Any exciting plans?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jello & ESPN & Self Tanner

mmmm....jello mold!

Last night Tim and I, along with miss Maddie enjoyed some lovely strawberry jello with pineapple bits inside!!! ESPN was also on...but I didn't care too much since I was enjoying jello! I was also able to watch DWTS finale and Idol!!! I really hope Lee wins!!
I also tried self-tanner for the first time!!!!! Oh my! I can't believe I didn't take pictures. My arms and legs look good....i think?! However, somehow I messed up my poor ankles and feet! I couldn't get the stuff to dry. I waited around for 2 hours! What! Then a little came off on my sheets! All that work just doesn't seem worth it to me. I am so pale and ghostly...I feel a little better with some glow.
But wayyyyyy to much work!
Oh...I made a fabric rosette to wear in my hair yesterday and it didn't fall apart! yay! I wanted to test it out before I made anymore! lol!
Have a great Wednesday everyone! I'm listening to a little Jimmy Needham...his new album! What what! So good.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A little joy for your Monday

I just love this little furry monster....I'm pretty sure I have looked/felt like him on several occasions!
I just thought I would leave a few happy pics with you to brighten your day!

#1....Cute smiling piggy

#2...What looks to be a carefree,
lovely summer day!
Love those balloons.

#3...MARSHMALLOWS! Fun, delightful and definitely make any day a little more fun or (funner!)

pics from weheartit

Well, whatever your Monday might bring you, I hope you have a great day and face it with a smile! Crazy, happy, busy, sad, boring....God is always with you and wants you to rest in Him.

I have got a few craft projects in the works right now!
Also, I have looked all over Springfield and can't find any lamps that make me happy!!! Still searching...if anyone has any ideas let me know!


Friday, May 21, 2010


Guess what happened to us last night...

It's true! If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will have learned that Tim and I LOVE Chipotle with all our hearts. We frequent the establishment at least once a week. Normally on Wednesday nights before church. If we are really feeling snazzy, we will go a second time a week. Well, the night manager has gotten to know us pretty well. We have definitely built a relationship with him. He even knows that I love crispy chicken tacos! Anyways...last night he was working. Tim went to reach for his wallet, when the manager said "hey bro, tonight's on me!" It was so sweet and it TOTALLY made our night!

So, this is my tribute to Chipotle! We will LOVE you forever. Please never close your doors. May we never move where there is not a Chipotle near by. May we have many more years of happiness together.

This is an example of how we felt last night after receiving our free meal. This is what our faces probably looked like after hearing the glorious news.

Well, I hope everyone has a grrrrrrreat weekend! Tonight we are taking our picture for the church pictoral directory!!! haha! Hopefully we don't look ridiculous! :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bedroom redo & Crafting

Happy Wednesday!
Today my mind is filled with thoughts of my bedroom redo!!!! I seriously can't stop thinking of things I could do. Tim is the same way too. We will be laying in bed, almost asleep and he will say "we could do this or this.....!" It is FUN! This weekend I have to head out and look for a few things. We are slowly gathering things to make a finished product!
These lamps from Pottery Barn make me drool!!! But....Pottery Barn is definitely NOT in our budget! So, I am out to look for something similar or just as a cool!
These lamps would MAKE my bedroom though! I'm just sayin....
These are pretty rooms I like. Our room is not going to be this style...but I still love it! I took a style quiz and my result was "eclectic." I would have to agree with that. I love old and new. I love classic, modern, cozy, rustic.......this does make it a bit hard to style my house though!

We need some new pillows too!
Ours are as flat as pancakes!
That is shamefull! haha!

I'm excited to look for things! I love it!

I also need to buy some supplies for a few craft projects I have planned. :)

Anyone have any suggestions on where I should look for some home decor treasures? I love finding new places! Thanks!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hi my name is Maddie!

I'm Maddie! Nice to meet you!
I love going on picnics with my parents!
I went swimming in the lake for the first time last summer!

Sometimes I just can't stop licking!

This is dad taking me and my friends to Pets N Pumpkin Days on C-Street last year!

I got a new stuffed animal for Christmas!

This is me and my parents on Valentine's Day! I love them and they love me!

(Hope you enjoyed Maddie's post! As you can tell.....we kinda LOVE her!)

Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lots going on....

This is a sneak peak of our bedroom redo inspiration!!! Found at our home away from home....TARGET! We love you!

Sorry...I have been SUPER busy and forgot to post the last few days! Tim and I went to yet another graduation last night! I must say that graduations are some of the most boring things EVER! I love all the kids....but it is sheer torture! :) I thought I would post a few pics from this past weekend. We took some jr. & sr. youth to what we call STARS. Students Taking A Right Stand. It is a super fun prom alternative weekend. We went to Ocean Zen, took lots of pics and went to Worlds of Fun! They all looked beautiful! I am pooped though! We have more graduations left to go to and parties! I will show you some more pics later....or you can check my pics on Facebook! Over 100 on there! haha!

Well, Tim and I have been busy working
on a few projects!
We are slowly working on redoing our bedroom! (see inspiration pic at the top!) Since we moved to our home, we have had a hodge podge of furniture stuffed in this TINY room! And nothing matches and there is no color theme! It is about to drive me NUTS! So.....we have a theme and have started work on it. We were able to move the bed around so Tim can actually get out on his side now!!!!! WOW!
His side used to be shoved in the corner!
I will show you some pics as we go.
I hope everyone has a grrrrreat day! I can't stop thinking about DIY projects! ahhhh! :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Limeades? Yes please!

Who's with me?! :)
I am especially loving the low-cal strawberry limeade! So refreshing on a warm, sunny day!
Picture taken last summer....with bangs!
(We Shepard's love Sonic all year round.)

My darling husband enjoys a limeade or two.

I am also pleased to announce that Mr. Tim is no longer on crutches!!!
Praise the Lord!! Monday the orthopedist said he could start putting weight on his foot....and what does Tim do? He goes home and mows the lawn! It's a MAY MIRACLE! I am free from my duties! He is really suppose to start out slow and not over do it....but Tim doesn't do anything slow! We are sooooooooo happy that Tim can WALK AGAIN! haha!

Tonight we are going to our first graduation of the month! After that we have about 6 more to attend! Wowza! I'm still planning a special post all about Miss Maddie....I know everyone can hardly wait! lol! Enjoy your day!!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crafts & Chipotle!!!

This is me looking on at one of our FAVORITE places EVER!!!!! And yes...I do blog about CHIPOTLE frequently!!! It brings joy to our week!

A little Chipotle love!!! here are the craft pics I have been promising you!!! This is the sign I made at Firehouse Pottery! I'm not sure where I'm going to hang it yet....but I thought it looked cute on the hutch for now!

Next VERY FIRST WREATH!!!! I did it! I know I have a lot to learn and there are things I will try differently next time, but I am pleased with my results! I still want to add some berries to it. What do you guys think? Does it still need some berries? I would LOVE YOUR OPINION! I wanted a fun, summery wreath....and if you don't know yet....I LOVE FRUIT! So lemons were the perfect choice. I can't wait to start another one.

Well, that's all I have to share at the moment!!! I am planning a really fun post that is completely dedicated to Miss Maddie....our pup! So you can be looking forward to that!!! haha! Everyone have a good night! XOXO

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Fun & Crafts!

How is everyone? I had such a lovely weekend! Friday, Tim and I went out on a date....we didn't even plan that one! We first tried to go downtown to South Pizza, but then we FORGOT THAT TIM IS ON CRUTCHES!!!!! Silly us! As you know downtown, there is no where to park you have to just find what you can and walk. Totally forgot about the crutches! haha! Well, after driving around and realizing that...we thought of another place....Old Chicago Pizza. We had never been before and it sounded good. So glad we went, because it was awesome!!!! You should definitely try it. Yummy nums!

Saturday, I went out on the town! I had to do some gift shopping and craft shopping. I had SO MUCH FUN! I got almost everything I needed. But I was totally pooped afterwards. I haven't shopped that long since Black Friday! I think I was out for 5 hours! (However....on BL day we are out for a ridiculous amount of time and I love it! Me and momsy have stamina!) After my day out, Tim and I made burgers and had a relaxing evening. I worked on my wreath and finished it! I will post some pics hopefully tomorrow! Although, I really wanted to add some raspberries or some little red berries, but I couldn't find any. I haven't tried Michael's yet. I think that would finish it off perfect! I also got my pottery back from Firehouse and I'm very pleased with the results! I will show you that tomorrow too!

Is this post too long? :)

Sunday, we recognized our graduates at church! Wow did we have a ton! I almost cried. I have known some of those teens since they were little ones. I am going to miss them in youth group!!! I guess this is what moms feel like....but I'm sure 10x this!

I'm looking forward to this week! Today we take Tim to the doctor again for a check up on his foot. We are hoping for good news, but he told us there is a possibility he might cast it for a few weeks to speed up the healing process. I must say, this time has flown by!! I am so thankful for that! One last thing....I WOULD LOVE to know who all is reading my blog!!!! I know my regulars who always show me love....which I love! But don't you wonder who is reading? If anyone? lol!! If you read, please say HI!
I hope you have a grrrrreat Monday! xoxo