Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I’m Loving…

Hello & Happy Wednesday Everyone! :)

Today I’m just sharing some things I’m loving…..

#1  I’m Loving……MY MAN!!!!  Mr. Shepard, Mr. Tim, Timmy Tim, Husband

I love him a ridiculous amount!!!!  He is going to be an amazing daddy….and it makes me tear up just thinking about it.  I can’t wait to see him in action.


#2  I’m Loving…..New cologne!

I got this scent for Mr. Tim and it is sooooooo good!!!! If you are looking for a smelly good for your man, I highly recommend this one.  Neither of us are sure on how to pronounce this one… have fun trying!


#3  I’m Loving……Consignment sales!!!!!

Our city has a huge children’s consignment sale twice a year.  I got to go last night to a special “new mom” preview!  It was so awesome!  I got some amazing stuff.  A lot of the clothes still had price tags!  And there were awesome brands.  I got her an adorable Tommy Hilfiger dress, a DKNY outfit and of course Carters!  I love the Carters brand.  Bad thing was….I didn’t have enough time to look at everything.  They had a huge tent outside with swings, strollers, cribs etc…and I never made it to that section! 

#4  I’m Loving….Huge oranges from Sam’s Club! 

#5  I’m Loving…..That Eleanor will be here in 48 days….give or take a few! 

#6  I’m Loving…..the rush of excitement (and fears!) of knowing we only have 48 days left!!!!  The to-do list is off the charts! haha!

#7  I’m Loving……MADDIE!  She brightens my day sometimes when nothing else can! 


#8  I’m Loving…..that I’m getting my bangs trimmed tonight!  They are at a weird/awkward point where you can do nothing with them. 

#9  I’m Loving…..that I tried a new recipe last week and it was awesome!!!!!  I love when that happens.  Though, last night, I tried another new recipe….and it wasn’t so awesome.  I’m 1 and 1. 

#10  I’m Loving……how God’s Word has exactly what we need.  All the time!  Tim was just telling me the other day, how he had a rough day and there were different situations going on.  He went home and couldn’t do anything but read the Word.  He said it was EXACTLY what he needed to read at that time.  I love when that happens. 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Very Berry Shower Continued…..


These were the wonderful ladies that attended E’s shower!  Minus my friend Tiffany.  She had to leave a little early, so she missed the group picture.

Don’t you LOVE some of the ladies festive St. Patty’s day wear?  I did!  I would have been decked out in green…..but I couldn’t find anything to compliment the belly.  So sad!  All I had was green nails and earrings. 


The adorable jars with strawberries on them were probably my favorite part of the shower!  I loved everything, but those were so precious.


The sweet gifts for Eleanor. 

My mom made this gorgeous blanket for Eleanor!!!!!  She seriously makes some of the most beautiful blankets I have ever seen. 


It was crazy HOT that day (wayyyyy hotter than it normally is at this time of year!)… I was not prepared.  I was a sweaty beast in ALL the pictures.  It makes me sad looking back on them.  I got in a pregnant tiff… I’m sure you ladies who have been there will understand…..and I deleted a ton of the pictures off my camera! hahaha!  Mr. Tim said, “you will be sorry one day that you are deleting those!” He knows me well. 


I even tried editing them certain ways to make the shine & sweat not so prominent.  It helped on a few (the ones I’m posting) but the others had to go!

My sweet friend Sarah (who is also my hair stylist) made E a tutu!!!!  I can’t wait to put little miss in that!  eeeeeekkkk!


Me and my most wonderful momma!!!!  She hosted and opened up her home to everyone.  I have been praying that I can be even half the mom that she is to me!  She is beautiful, SELFLESS, Godly, caring, nurturing, funny and so much more!  I’m so glad she will be right there alongside me to help me learn to be the same kind of momma to Eleanor. 


These two ladies are some of my best friends in the whole world!  They planned and decorated the whole thing!  Aren't they amazing?!  They know I love anything “berry” and they ran with it.  I love them so much and appreciate their friendship.  And they are going to be simply amazing “aunts” to Eleanor! 


We have a busy week planed!  Tonight I am going to a HUGE children’s consignment sale!  I can’t wait.  I hope to score some sweet buys!

Wednesday night we are going to a breastfeeding class!  I’m not sure what to expect at all!! haha!  Mr. Tim is going with me….so this should definitely be fun! :)

Friday we are going shopping for something to wear in our maternity pictures.  We are cutting this down to the wire!!!!  I can’t settle on anything.  I don’t know if I want to look casual….jeans and a side ruched top or go for a dress and a little cardigan or something.  Ugh!!  This should not be stressing me out as much as it has been.  I have been at the stores looking by myself….and that is probably problem #1! ha!  So, Tim is going with me Friday for moral support….and to tell me just to BUY SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!! 

And then Saturday is our maternity photo session!  yippeee!  I promised husband that I will be happy and joyous with whatever I’m wearing, and I’m just going to enjoy it!!!!!!!  :) 

I hope you all are having a splendid week so far!!



Thursday, March 22, 2012

A very berry shower!


My sweet momma and friends threw Eleanor a beautiful shower on St. Patrick’s Day!!!!  I cannot begin to tell  you how special it was.  If you didn’t know already…I am obsessed with all things cherry & strawberry!  And that was the theme of this lovely shower. 


The favors for each guest.


The BEST cake in the world!!!!!  We have the most amazing bakery in Springfield called Amycakes!  This was a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. 


Look at those honkin strawberries!!!!


Vintage napkins!




Mini cheesecakes made by my sweet friend Cori.





Pink lemonade!




This was part 1 of the shower!  I will be back later to share some more pics with you! 

My heart was bursting with all the love!!!!  I have some precious friends and family.  I can’t wait for Eleanor to get here and be loved on by these people!



Monday, March 19, 2012

Hi there & Happy Monday!

Happy late St. Patrick’s Day everyone! :) 

To celebrate…..we started our day with some lucky charms and festive donuts!


And then husband offered to paint my tosies for me!!!!! yay!  We opted for green! :)


Later that day my friends threw Eleanor a shower!  It was so fun having it on St. Patty’s day. However, I was stressing trying to find something green to fit me.  So sad.  I ended up just having green toes, fingernails and earrings. 

I can’t wait to show you pictures from the shower!  Oh my goodness……it was the most precious, adorable, beautiful thing!  Eleanor is going to be one well dressed baby! :) 

Later that night we had a goodbye party for some friends moving to Texas!  :( 

Then Sunday we had Eleanor’s church shower! 

It was such a full weekend!  I am exhausted to say the least. 

I am the worst picture taker ever lately!  It’s sad.  I must say……getting husband to take belly pictures for me is kind of like pulling teeth! ha!  (hi baby! hehe!)  I know he reads the blog. :)  I always resort to cell phone pictures in the bathroom….which are never good. 


This was taken around 29 weeks.


And this one was around 31 weeks!

And tomorrow I will be 32 weeks!  I can’t even believe it!

Pregnancy Thoughts:

1.  I have felt really good through most of my pregnancy.  But I am totally feeling it in the 3rd Tri!  :(  I am a slow walker and I will never, ever make fun of the pregnant waddle again!  It’s real people. 

2.  I am now having trouble sleeping at night due to my back hurting (and getting up 3 times to pee doesn’t help either!) I can’t figure out a way to ease back pain while I'm in bed.  Does anyone have a suggestion that helped them?  I am getting desperate!  (p.s. i have been sleeping with a snoogle….but it doesn’t help anymore.)

3.  I still LOVE being pregnant!!!!!!

4.  I still miss cookie dough.

5.  After this week of very warm temps in our area…..I am extremely thankful that I will not be pregnant this summer!  And hats off to you ladies who have done it.  yuck!  I was a sweaty beast all last week….and i look nasty sweaty in all our baby shower pictures. :( 

6.  My pregnancy craving for pizza has kind of died down now.  I’m sure my thighs are thanking me!

7.  I can’t sing at church without crying.  I just think about Eleanor in my tummy and God’s blessings and it is water works city!!!! 

8.  I have got the most precious husband on the planet.  And I think we are going to make a pretty good labor & delivery team! :)  Go team Sheps!

9.  Fear occasionally sets in about random things.  Oddly not about labor!  Fears about not having all the stuff E will need (like the right amount of sleepers, blankets etc.), fears that she will come early and we haven’t gone to our birth class yet.  It’s random stuff.

10.  Oh how could I forget…..we are having maternity pictures taken in 2 weeks….and I have been having mild freak outs about what to wear.  And that I will look like a whale in the pictures. Just being honest! :)

That about sums it up!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!

Lots of love!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nursery Progress!

Nursery progress is happening folks! :) 

Our crib finally came in.  JC Penney shipped it to the wrong state on accident… that was delayed a bit. 

We still need to get her changing table/dresser and a chair!  And that is really it.  whew!

I can’t wait for the final product! 

And I realllllly can’t wait to have little Eleanor in her room! 


Maddie helping put the crib together. 

She totally knows something's up and is always in E’s room! haha!


I must say, husband is the BEST furniture-assembler-person EVER!!!!!!  He does it fast and never has trouble.  Go Dad!  (hehe! it’s fun calling him daddy!) 


And you knew we were going to put Maddie in the crib!!! 

She likes to hide under the crib and she will just have her little head peering out. 


And one last precious picture of Miss Maddie! 

I can’t wait to show you the COMPLETED NURSERY!!!!!  Hopefully that will be soon! 

p.s.  this weekend is E’s showers!  I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am trying so hard to soak in every moment.  This is all going by so fast. 

Have a beautiful day!



Monday, March 12, 2012

Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus- Part 6

If you have not read the earlier segments of our story….here is part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

September 2011 we started working with the college students at our church.  It was awesome!  We had scheduled a camping trip the weekend after Labor Day.  I was pretty bummed because I knew I would be on my period during that weekend.  But you know……we women just deal with it! 

The camping trip rolled around and I still hadn’t got my period.  I did not think a thing about it because “really trying” for a baby was not our focus the last month.  We were consumed with trying to get the college ministry up and running. 

We were laying in our tent that night and I couldn’t fall asleep.  I looked over at Tim and asked him if he thought I was pregnant.  He said we needed to wait until we could really find out and not to get excited.  (Even though I think he was excited at that time!)  So we both fell asleep that night.

We woke up the next morning to go floating.  Hooray for me….still no sign of my period!  A care free float trip day for me. 

While we were floating “my girls” started hurting really bad.  I mean REALLY bad.  In my head I knew this was the grande of pregnancy symptoms.  I was trying so hard not to get excited.  But seriously…..OUCH!!!!!!

We packed up our campsite and headed back to Springfield.  No period.  Awful pain in “the girls” and now I was starting to feel so very sick.  Kind of like the flu or something.  I was miserable the whole trip back.  Now I was thinking that I had to be sick. 

We get back to town and crash at home.  I had kind of forgotten about the whole pregnancy thing.  The next day I woke up and it dawned on me that I still had not got my period.  This was too weird.  So, husband went out to get me a test. 

I reluctantly took the test.  (I hate these things!!!!)  They have made me cry way too much in the past.  I was too scared to even look at it.  So, I just left it on the bathroom counter.  Tim asked me later if I had taken it and I told him where it was.  He went into the bathroom.  Seconds later he comes out and I can’t even describe the look on his face!  He showed me a POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!!!!  We absolutely could not believe it!  We spent so much time hugging, crying, laughing and praising the Lord. 

We went forward with some hesitancy due to our previous situation.  Praise the Lord that every early doctor appointment was smooth sailing!  There was no sign of a miscarriage AT ALL!!  Every passing week, the idea of a miscarriage grew fainter in my mind. 

Our doctor appointment came where we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!  I can’t even describe the anxiety I was feeling.  I was almost making myself sick.  I just couldn’t handle the thought of another loss.  Tim and I prayed before we went inside the office and I was feeling very calm.  Guess what?  We got to hear a very strong, precious heartbeat!!!!! 



Shortly after we heard the heartbeat, we decided to share the news with everyone.  It was the most amazing and joyful time. 

Then shortly after that we had our ultrasound to find out were having a precious girl.  And we named her Eleanor. 

We will be holding Eleanor in our arms in 9 short weeks!!!!!! 

I wanted to share a few pictures with you of when we found out we were pregnant…….

DSCN4631DSCN4632 DSCN4635


Looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes!  I never want to forget the feeling that we had while trying to conceive and the joy we felt at that moment.  I never want to lose the ability to relate to other couples going through a similar situation.  I pray that God is able to use Tim and I to help other couples and that we will be able to share our story for many years.  We want to bring Him glory!

Can I just brag on the Lord? 





If we would not have gone through those years of heartache, I can’t tell you for sure that we would be where we are right now.  I’m not sure if Tim would have surrendered to the ministry.  I know I wouldn’t be as close to the Lord as I am today.  Tim and I’s marriage would not be as strong as it is today. 

I do know that no matter where you are in your life right now, it is worth it to wait on Him!  Wait patiently.  Whether you are waiting on a husband or wife, waiting on a job, waiting to figure out what major to do in college or waiting to have a baby like us…….Trust in His plan for your life.  There is no better place to be than serving the Lord faithfully while you wait.  There is NOTHING better than what He has planned for your life.  Even if that means going through the fire for a bit. 

He has not forgotten about you!


Trust Him today with every part of your life.  Big and small. 



I’m back from babymoon!

Hello!  I’m still here! :) 

Sorry I disappeared for a week.  We were on our BABYMOON and I didn’t spend hardly any time on the computer!

I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs this week. 

We had an awesome time.  We did a lot more work than vegging out….but that is okay by me.  It feels so good to work on the house and clean out stuff!  We didn’t quite finish all of our house projects, but we still have a few more weekends before E gets here. 

I feel like most of the pictures I took during our babymoon were while we were eating! haha!  That’s how we roll. 

We made a little trip to Kansas City for a day and ate at our two favorite restaurants! 

First up…..McCormick & Schmicks!  (Tim’s favorite seafood place of all time!)


All I can say is….i think I deserve an award for letting husband order a huge lobster while pregnant! I think they are sooooooo disgusting.  But he loves them so much and it was a special occasion, so I told him to order it!


He was a happy HAPPY camper with his huge lobster!


Doing some work on it…..



Good job husband!  The waiter told him he was one of the best lobster eaters he has ever seen!!!! haha!  Well, at least I know that he got our moneys worth out of it. 


And of course he put the claws on.  He tired to get me to wear them too! 

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


And this was my plate compared to his lobster feast!

A little lack luster I think. 


Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory!!!!!!  Bliss. 

Of course we didn’t go there right after our McCormick & Schmick feast. 

We are not total pigs. 




And I got pizza… one and only pregnancy craving! 


And these donuts from our favorite donut place in town!  Yes….that is a festive St. Patrick’s Day donut! :) 

So that was all just to make you a little hungry on this Monday!!!! hehe! 

Did it work? 

I hope you all have a wonderful day today!!!!!!!!

With love,