Thursday, June 30, 2011

Put in a quarter….get a mustache.


Steak N Shake…..late night…..mustache vending machines.

why not?  a mustache makes those burgers & fries taste better.



I love that teens can still have good, clean fun at 1am….and not get into a bunch of trouble.  (trying not to sound like a grandma!)  :)

One of the girls told me that I wear a mustache well. 

ummm thanks?  ha!



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is what i LOVE.

I hope you are having a splendid week so far. I think I am finally back to normal (after camp week!) I am soooooo looking forward to this being a long weekend! yay! I'm so excited!

Well, it's Wednesday, so I thought I would share things I'm loving along with Jamie!

I'm Loving...... That one of my very best friends in the whole world is in town this week!!!!!! whoohoo! This is Jade. I know you have probably seen her face on this blog a few times in the past. Her husband is a youth pastor in South Carolina. I get to spend lots of time with them this weekend! She is a marvelous friend.

I'm Loving.......

Fro-yo of course! hehe! :) You know....eating lots of fro-yo was on my list of summer goals this year. Let's just say....mission accomplished!

I'm Loving......

My nephew's Awana graduation picture! hahaha! Look at his little vest all crooked! Just adorable. ahhhhh and that cheesy smile. I love HIM!

I'm Loving......

That little Maddie lets me hold her like a baby! I know....I'm a huge dork! But who could resist her? She is stinkin cute!

I'm Loving.....

HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!! You know he is always on the list! ;)

Well, that wraps up this edition of WILW! haha!

Enjoy your day and eat some fro-yo for me!!!!



Monday, June 27, 2011

Camp is to me:

Hi!  I’m back from youth camp!  I’m still sooooo SLEEPY!  But I’m slowly recovering.  :)  It’s back to work and my regular schedule this week. 

I wanted to share a little bit of youth camp with you!

Camp is…..


Late nights with 9th graders jumping on the bed. 


Watching teens eat chocolate covered twinkies (secretly filled with mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup!!!!!) hehe!  So funny!


toilets overflowing!  SICK! 


The teen girls doing my hair everyday.  One day they put a red clip-in hair piece in my hair.  I must say…..I kinda liked it! :)


A super amazing worship band!!!!!!  You should totally check out The Jason Lovins Band!  They are my new fav. 


Late nights at Steak N Shake.  Lookin pretty tired….


Being able to serve the Lord alongside my husband!


But most importantly……seeing over 40 youth stand up at the end of camp to make a decision to follow Christ!  whoohoo!!!!!  It was amazing!

So, that’s a wrap!  It was a blast.  I will enjoy sleeping in my bed and using my own shower this week though! hehe!

I can’t wait to catch up with everyone’s blogs this week!!!!

Have a very blessed and joy filled day!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I need caffeine please! :)

Hey everyone!  I wanted to drop by real quick today to say HI and let you know I won’t be on the blog too much this week. 

This week I am chaperoning at a youth camp held at our church!!!!!  So… know what that means!  A lot of sugar, caffeine and not much sleep! hehe!  It is going to be crazy.  I’m already tired.  But, I L O V E it. 

summer 2022

These were the girls I had in my room last year at camp!  Such fun!!!!

summer 2024

Painting our nails at camp! Of course!  I think my nails changed colors bunches of times last year….  :)

It is going to be a FUN week!  I’m sad I won’t get a chance to workout all week.  To top it all off…..I will be consuming a ridiculous amount of junk food.  Healthy food is not served at camp. 

Hmmm I guess I better just embrace it! ha!

I hope everyone is having a splendid week so far!  I will catch up soon!



Saturday, June 18, 2011


I just wanted to wish my daddy a Happy Father's Day! He is most of all a Godly man....but fun and crazy, tender hearted, hard working and a lot more!

I love you daddy-o!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! :)



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I do, I do, I do….

I went to a beautiful summer wedding a few weeks ago.  It was super HOT….and I was a sweaty mess….but other than that….it was lovely! :)  I thought I would share some of the pictures I took at the wedding.  I am no professional.  But I LOVE taking pictures at weddings. 













I know it wasn’t my wedding….but I had to throw in a picture of my love and I kissing under the tree! :)  Marriage is wonderful.  And I sure do love being married to my man! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summertime Goals.

I have been wanting to make out a list of my summer goals for awhile now.  I hope to take full advantage of summertime! 

1.  Run in one more 5k race before summer is over. 

I don’t want to lose everything I have worked for the past 2 months.  So, having a 5k race scheduled, will give me something to work towards!

2.  Finally finish our kitchen buffet redo.

I know I know….we are SLOW going at projects.  I have talked about this redo here.  Life is busy and we have little time for these types of projects.  However, we are so close to being done.  It is painted and in the house.  We just have to add hardware and distress it.  :)  Oh and someday we want to add butcher block top to it! 

3.  Eat lots of fro-yo and pineapple whip!!!!!!

Husband and I are really good at this. :)

4.  Have friends over for a BBQ.

I want to plan a super cute party!  Lots of ideas swirling around in my head…..

5.  Get a professional pedicure.

*gasp*  Yes it’s true….I have never had one before.  It’s my time!

6.  Read 3 books.

7.  Organize our office/junk room!

Doesn’t everyone have one of these rooms???  I hope I’m not the only one. 

8.  Go on a picnic with husband and Maddie.

Lots of goodies must be included in the picnic basket….plus a blanket and some books!

9.  Take time for myself to work on some of my crafts.

I truly love being creative and I don’t take enough time to just have fun and make stuff! 

10.  Go to a baseball game and have a hot dog.

11.  Go camping.

12.  Finally try Thai food.

Not sure exactly what I’m afraid of.  But I want to try it.  Last summer I over came my fear of sea food!  You can read about that here. 

13.  Enjoy every day to the fullest!!!!! 

Life is short and the Bible tells us that life is like a vapor!  We are only guaranteed this moment…and I always desire to live every single day with that mind set.  I hope to enjoy every day and make a difference in the lives of others….and love people with all I have!

Well, that’s all I can think of right now.  I’m sure other random things will crop up! :)

So…..what are your summer goals???



Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Thoughts…


(i took this pic at a beautiful summer wedding a few weeks ago…more pics to come!)

It feels like it is officially summer to me.  The weather has been perfecto.  Maybe even a little too hot.  Summer festivities have been in full swing.

255741_10150215409643606_501583605_6960858_4304109_nThis was on the grill recently.  Insanely good!  I’m looking forward to a lot more of that.  :)

Fact:  I have had fro-yo 2 times in the last week.  And I’m okay with that.

I’m going to a cross training class tonight at the Y.  I’m scared.  I hope I can live to tell about it tomorrow. 

I updated my blog look…..on my own.  I am too cheap to pay anyone to do it.  However, someday I hope to have it professionally done. :)  In the mean time…this is all I can muster up.  Oh, and I finally made myself a blog button!  I would be glad to share it with you.  You can find it on the side. 

Maddie is on the button.  Surprised?

Fact:  I tried to plant a flower this weekend.  I remembered to water it yesterday.  If I can keep Maddie alive….surely….

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!

“May the God of hope, fill you will all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

boom 5k!

I can finally say that I have completed a 5k!!!!!!!!


It is such an awesome feeling and I’m so glad that I did it!!!  I have already started planning for another one.  I want to do them regularly so I have something to work towards and stay motivated. 


Husband did the race with me!  He was awesome and beat his goal time he had set for himself!  I also beat my personal best time.  whoohoo!!!!


This was before the race had begun.  I had a terrible dream that I had overslept and missed the race!!! I think I went to the restroom like 5 times before the race started…..just in case! haha! 


Sleepy but excited to kick some 5k booty!


well hello there hottie! ;)


These are some of our friends that did the race with us!!! I love them! We had such a fun time….and we all went out for breakfast afterwards.



At the Village Inn (hahaha!) having our breakfast afterwards.  And wearing my shirt that I got for completing Running Club!!!!!!  I’m so proud! ;) 

It was an awesome day!  I hope you feel encouraged to start running if you have always wanted to.  It is an amazing workout for your body….and your mind!  If I did this, ANYONE can do this!  I came such a long way.  Starting out barely being able to run for 90 seconds.  ha!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! 

I plan to keep running and improving my speed and distance.  And you never know….maybe work on a 10 k.  We shall see!  ;) 



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello my name’s Amanda and I love PIZZA.






The Pizza House in Springfield might be our latest addiction.  We can’t get enough of it! 

Why I love the Pizza House:

Reason #1:  It’s cheap

Reason #2:  Adorable decor

Reason #3:  Most delicious thin crust pizza you ever tasted!

Reason #4:  It’s practically in our backyard.  If I had a bike I could bike there…

Reason #5:   I don’t need any more reasons.  It’s INSANE.  I feel sad for everyone that doesn’t live in Springfield and can’t taste this deliciousness. 

So….the Shepard’s are obsessed with pizza currently.

What is your current food crush?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today I love…..

Hello everyone! 

Today I’m linking with Jamie for WILW! 

So without further adieu….

I’m Loving……that this is a short week!  It’s the best feeling!  I wish my work week was always 4 days instead of 5. 

I’m Loving…..drink buddies from Sonic!  haha! It’s the little things.


I’m Loving…..p i z z a!!!!!!  You know sometimes you just can’t get it out of your head.  Pizza from the Pizza House in Springfield is the 


I’m Loving……this verse and how cute it looks is just a bonus!  :) 


Oh how I need to hear this today.  I’m a little sad today about a few things….and I need to remind myself that God hasn’t changed.  My circumstances may or may not change, but He is always the same!!!!  (via)

I’m Loving……the man by my side!


This picture is from Sunday when he preached his very first sermon!  I was a very proud wifey!  I love my husband and I love living life with him. 

That is it for this Wednesday!  I hope you all have a very blessed day!!!!!