Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, after seeing the movie Wolverine......I am in love! I LOVE Wolverine and Hugh Jackman! :) heehee! It is Tim's favorite X-Men character and superhero. He is majorly in love, so he is happy that I am too! What a movie! Everyone needs to go see it! Oh, but stay in your seats through all the credits at the end....there is a special clip at the very very end. Congratulations to all the graduates out there! We went to Hillcrest's graduation last night. I thought the gym smelled like beer and cigarettes. Yuck! I am so very excited about the weather this week! It is going to be sunny and warm all week long! yipee! Tim has his doctor's appointment today. I am making him get some moles checked for skin cancer. He has a few that look different and have changed. I would rather get them looked at instead of sitting around worried about them all the time. Guess what I'm excited about.....American Idol finale!!!! I can't wait to watch tonight. I love Kris and I am so glad he made it to the finals! I have a feeling he is going to win! I am sooooooo tired today! Man...it's hard to keep my eyes open! Everyone go see Wolverine!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pineapple Whip!!!

Hey! How is everyone doing? I am having a good week so far! I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday! Wednesday is a hard day to go to the gym because right when I get home from work, we scarf down supper and then head to church. We don't get done with choir practice till around 9ish. Then the gym closes at 10. There is just no time. Ideally, I would like to work out every weekday. But it never seems to work out for me! haha! We have been very consistent lately. I watched Idol last night. I love Danny and Kris! That would be AMAZING if they both made it to the finals!!! Yes, Adam is talented, but his voice really gets on my nerves now! Last night when he sang Crying...it made me want to cry, but not in a good way! It was sooooo annoying! I loved Danny's You Are So Beautiful! Amazing! And Kris' last song was awesome! I am excited for tonight's episode to see them in their hometowns! I am excited for Family Day on Saturday! Tim has invited some people at his work and they said they are coming! Yeah! We also invited our neighbors too. I LOVE pineapple whip!!!!!! For that matter....I just love pineapple! It really doesn't pay for me to buy it at the store, because I will eat a whole entire pineapple in one sitting! haha! You can't stop me people!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Amanda's thoughts on today....

Hey all! Good morning to everyone! I am ready for another week. Tim and I are doing this Bible study together about staying connected to God and "refueling" daily. I really like it. We are at the chapter where it talks about how we have such a good weekend at church and we are ready to go share the gospel, feed the hungry and return shopping carts in the walmart parking lot...etc!! haha! Then Monday rolls around and we face stress and problems at work, with family....life in general. The book just reminds us to connect with God all throughout the day....to pause when we are stressed. On another note...I worked out 3 days last week! I was going to work out 5 times, but I always run out of time and can't make it to the gym. Oh, well! I guess 3 is better than nothin! I think I will only be able to workout 3 days this week because we have STARS this weekend for the youth. If you don't know....STARS is a prom alternative for our youth at church. It is really really fun! I am excited about American Idol tomorrow! I love Danny and Kris!!!!!!!!! I also loved Matt and I'm sad he is gone. But I know he will put out an album! Well, I better get to work! It's going to be a lovely day!