Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Very Berry Shower Continued…..


These were the wonderful ladies that attended E’s shower!  Minus my friend Tiffany.  She had to leave a little early, so she missed the group picture.

Don’t you LOVE some of the ladies festive St. Patty’s day wear?  I did!  I would have been decked out in green…..but I couldn’t find anything to compliment the belly.  So sad!  All I had was green nails and earrings. 


The adorable jars with strawberries on them were probably my favorite part of the shower!  I loved everything, but those were so precious.


The sweet gifts for Eleanor. 

My mom made this gorgeous blanket for Eleanor!!!!!  She seriously makes some of the most beautiful blankets I have ever seen. 


It was crazy HOT that day (wayyyyy hotter than it normally is at this time of year!)…..so I was not prepared.  I was a sweaty beast in ALL the pictures.  It makes me sad looking back on them.  I got in a pregnant tiff…..as I’m sure you ladies who have been there will understand…..and I deleted a ton of the pictures off my camera! hahaha!  Mr. Tim said, “you will be sorry one day that you are deleting those!” He knows me well. 


I even tried editing them certain ways to make the shine & sweat not so prominent.  It helped on a few (the ones I’m posting) but the others had to go!

My sweet friend Sarah (who is also my hair stylist) made E a tutu!!!!  I can’t wait to put little miss in that!  eeeeeekkkk!


Me and my most wonderful momma!!!!  She hosted and opened up her home to everyone.  I have been praying that I can be even half the mom that she is to me!  She is beautiful, SELFLESS, Godly, caring, nurturing, funny and so much more!  I’m so glad she will be right there alongside me to help me learn to be the same kind of momma to Eleanor. 


These two ladies are some of my best friends in the whole world!  They planned and decorated the whole thing!  Aren't they amazing?!  They know I love anything “berry” and they ran with it.  I love them so much and appreciate their friendship.  And they are going to be simply amazing “aunts” to Eleanor! 


We have a busy week planed!  Tonight I am going to a HUGE children’s consignment sale!  I can’t wait.  I hope to score some sweet buys!

Wednesday night we are going to a breastfeeding class!  I’m not sure what to expect at all!! haha!  Mr. Tim is going with me….so this should definitely be fun! :)

Friday we are going shopping for something to wear in our maternity pictures.  We are cutting this down to the wire!!!!  I can’t settle on anything.  I don’t know if I want to look casual….jeans and a side ruched top or go for a dress and a little cardigan or something.  Ugh!!  This should not be stressing me out as much as it has been.  I have been at the stores looking by myself….and that is probably problem #1! ha!  So, Tim is going with me Friday for moral support….and to tell me just to BUY SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!! 

And then Saturday is our maternity photo session!  yippeee!  I promised husband that I will be happy and joyous with whatever I’m wearing, and I’m just going to enjoy it!!!!!!!  :) 

I hope you all are having a splendid week so far!!




Anonymous said...

Adorable berry shower! You look gorgeous and glowing and happy- all pregnant women do. Enjoy!

Michelle (michabella) said...


Lauren said...

you look fabulous...quit fussing about looking like a hot mess! Ha! But I totally understand!

I bet both options would be great for maternity photos...of course you might choose something cool, since it's kinda gonna be warm again over the weekend!

And enjoy the breastfeeding class, it was one of the most helpful things I did in preparing for Elyse!

Emily said...

I just love this post. You are such a blessed woman!! :) BTW, I don't think you look anything less than beautiful in any of these pictures!!!! I hope you don't regret deleting the ones that you did!!

Sarah_Story said...

Looks like a really cute shower! I can't wait until little Eleanor gets here, everyone already loves her so much!
And don't worry about what to wear in the pictures, just wear something comfy. If you're comfortable then you can just focus on having fun with Tim and your pictures will look amazing! Love you!!

Beth Ann said...

You look beautiful...but I can related to the hot, sweaty mess-ness. I was SO HOT all of the time while I was pregnant. Not fun!

For the pictures, go with what you're most comfortable in and make sure it fits snug around that belly or you won't like how it looks! I never got maternity pics and I kind of regret it now...although we did take a lot on our own. It was one of those things that I just got too tired to mess with and didn't want to pay for....but I probably should have done it! :( Next time perhaps...

Natalie said...

Oh girl, you look absolutely gorgeous! I did not even notice anything close to a hot mess!! :)
I am excited for you to go to your breastfeeding class!! I ended up not going, whoops-ha! the lactation consultant told us she loves when daddies come!! Good for Mr. Tim!
And YAY for pics! I def. changed my mind and wore something different at the last minute-stupid. I know you will find something gorgeous!!!

Theresa said...

You look beautiful in all the pictures, Amanda. It is just your pregnancy hormones ;)
My husband was a big help when I breastfed my first. He was great at burping her and comforting her when it wasn't time to eat. Believe it or not...he even was a big help with positioning her in the beginning. Enjoy :)

Jessica said...

The shower looks gorgeous and so do you!! You might think you look sweaty but you totally DON'T!

Tami said...

What an adorable shower theme! Eleanor is one lucky little baby girl! I have to tell you that I think you look beautiful in all of the pictures and I would have never guessed that you were hot and sweaty!