Monday, March 19, 2012

Hi there & Happy Monday!

Happy late St. Patrick’s Day everyone! :) 

To celebrate…..we started our day with some lucky charms and festive donuts!


And then husband offered to paint my tosies for me!!!!! yay!  We opted for green! :)


Later that day my friends threw Eleanor a shower!  It was so fun having it on St. Patty’s day. However, I was stressing trying to find something green to fit me.  So sad.  I ended up just having green toes, fingernails and earrings. 

I can’t wait to show you pictures from the shower!  Oh my goodness……it was the most precious, adorable, beautiful thing!  Eleanor is going to be one well dressed baby! :) 

Later that night we had a goodbye party for some friends moving to Texas!  :( 

Then Sunday we had Eleanor’s church shower! 

It was such a full weekend!  I am exhausted to say the least. 

I am the worst picture taker ever lately!  It’s sad.  I must say……getting husband to take belly pictures for me is kind of like pulling teeth! ha!  (hi baby! hehe!)  I know he reads the blog. :)  I always resort to cell phone pictures in the bathroom….which are never good. 


This was taken around 29 weeks.


And this one was around 31 weeks!

And tomorrow I will be 32 weeks!  I can’t even believe it!

Pregnancy Thoughts:

1.  I have felt really good through most of my pregnancy.  But I am totally feeling it in the 3rd Tri!  :(  I am a slow walker and I will never, ever make fun of the pregnant waddle again!  It’s real people. 

2.  I am now having trouble sleeping at night due to my back hurting (and getting up 3 times to pee doesn’t help either!) I can’t figure out a way to ease back pain while I'm in bed.  Does anyone have a suggestion that helped them?  I am getting desperate!  (p.s. i have been sleeping with a snoogle….but it doesn’t help anymore.)

3.  I still LOVE being pregnant!!!!!!

4.  I still miss cookie dough.

5.  After this week of very warm temps in our area…..I am extremely thankful that I will not be pregnant this summer!  And hats off to you ladies who have done it.  yuck!  I was a sweaty beast all last week….and i look nasty sweaty in all our baby shower pictures. :( 

6.  My pregnancy craving for pizza has kind of died down now.  I’m sure my thighs are thanking me!

7.  I can’t sing at church without crying.  I just think about Eleanor in my tummy and God’s blessings and it is water works city!!!! 

8.  I have got the most precious husband on the planet.  And I think we are going to make a pretty good labor & delivery team! :)  Go team Sheps!

9.  Fear occasionally sets in about random things.  Oddly not about labor!  Fears about not having all the stuff E will need (like the right amount of sleepers, blankets etc.), fears that she will come early and we haven’t gone to our birth class yet.  It’s random stuff.

10.  Oh how could I forget…..we are having maternity pictures taken in 2 weeks….and I have been having mild freak outs about what to wear.  And that I will look like a whale in the pictures. Just being honest! :)

That about sums it up!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!

Lots of love!



Lauren said...

Mmm...I love lucky charms!!!

1. I wish I had a solution about the back pain...I did end up switching away from the Snoogle and back to just a regular pillow between my legs. That seemed to help some...but I still woke up most mornings with some crazy lower pain!

2. Loving the warm weather...but I'm also SOOO glad that I wasn't super pregnant during the summer months!

3. Love your fears, and completely normal...the nurses will tell you what to do the entire time anyway so don't be too concerned about your birthing classes!

4. I'm excited for you to have maternity photos taken...they made me feel so beautiful & I even hung some of them in Elyse's nursery!

Natalie said...

I can't believe Tim painted your toes! Lucky lady!!
You are so adorable! I can't believe how big Ms. Eleanor is getting in there :) So sweet!
Sleeping-by the 3rd tri I was sleeping with I think 5 pillows. 2 under my head, a body pillow under belly/front side, a small 'side' pillow under my back and a pillow between my legs. Which made me even HOTTER in the crazy summer heat, but at least I got SOME sleep that way. I had to wake up and readjust my pillows everytime I wanted to move. Just don't be afraid to use 1534513354 pillows if need be :)
I keep telling Tony I don't ever want to be pregnant in the summer again, haha! Not that I have a ton of control, but it was definitely miserable!
Yay maternity pictures! Can't wait to see them. They will be be-a-utiful!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

I seriously LOVE this post! I can relate to everything you said above.

1. I am so thankful to not be preggo in the summer too... are your ankles swelling yet? Ha! Mine have since the weather has been warmer and I am praising Jesus it isn't for much longer.

2. I can so relate to the fears about having enough stuff, etc and being prepared. I was sooo over consumed with it starting at like week 25 and it just got me no where. If you don't have something - your cute hubby or mama or someone will help you out and get you it!! That's what my husband keeps telling me...

3. You are NOT going to look like a whale. I would suggest wearing whatever you are most comffy in. Most of the maternity photos I saw had gals in leggings + dresses but I didn't feel comfortable in that. Ifelt WAY bigger than I actually was... so I wore Jeans and a cute shirt + jacket. I love layers!

Okay - now that is a novel.... any other questions I am all ears :)


Rachel said...

Do you know something funny? You can't get Lucky Charms in the UK have to buy them from America so they're not really very Irish after all!

I'm going to be really pregnant in the summer. Is it going to be awful?! At least a British summer is hardly ever too hot!

Tami said...

Haha- I totally remember the pregnant waddle! My hips ached so bad and I was such a slow walker. I know what you mean about being emotional. Just hold on girl- it doesn't get any better! I still get teary-eyed thinking about how much I love Emerson and how blessed I am to be her mother. You will feel the same way about your little E!

Mrs.McClellans Classroom said...

Hey Amanda! So I do read but don't post... but I finally have something to say lol.

1. The back pain is normal and my doctor told me to wear the belly band ALL THE TIME and than at night make sure to prop a pillow between your legs if you are not using a maternity pillow .... it helps ease the pressure on your lower back.

2. I had those same feelings when we had Lori Ann... My grandma helped solve it for me.. she told me to remember... Ms. Eleanor (Lori Ann was who she was talking about) could come and you could have two sleepers and a dresser drawer for her to sleep in and she'd still be an amazingly blessed baby b/c she'd have you and Tim for parents. AND most of the stuff you are stressing about having she won't use for the first month anyway (b/c you'll be holding her too much AND she'll be too little) SOOO take a breathe... keep enjoy being pregnant (though I NEVER felt that way lol.... I didn't HATE being pregnant but to each its own! ;))

Love ya! ~Jan