Wednesday, May 11, 2011

this is what i am loving:

I'm having a great day. A great week for that matter! The only thing that could make it better is probably a diet strawberry limeade. Yep, I think that would do it.

So I'm linking with Jamie on this gorgeous day to share what I'm loving!

I'm strawberry limeades. duh! :)

I'm loving.....roller coasters!!!!!!

Most likely due to the fact that we just went to Six Flags last weekend!

I'm still high on life.

I'm loving.....our stupendous weather this week! (haven't used the word stupendous in awhile) Minus the VERY HOT day we had's perfect running, picnic and bbq-ing weather!

I'm loving......this cute little couple!

This would be Mr. Tim's little brother Thomas. I bet you can't even see the resemblance? ha! On his arm would be his sweet girlfriend, Stevie. Yep, a cute girl and a cute name! Thomas is graduating from high school next week and Stevie is just finishing her first year of college.

I'm loving.....c o f f e e! But what's new right?

I'm hunk of a husband! :o)
Lori Flett of Jewel Photography took this pic of us at STARS last weekend. I happen to love this picture....cause I heart being cheek to cheek with my man!

I'm loving.....hearing husband preach/teach. Tonight he is teaching the youth and the college groups at church. So....I get to hear him twice!

I'm loving.....that I will be wearing flip flops, sandals, what-have-you, for the next 4 months at least! Toes rejoice!

I'm loving.....CHIPOTLE! Me and the Mr. have always loved this establishment as you can see from my previous posts. Sadly, we went astray for awhile. I'm glad to say we are back! Look out crunchy tacos...

I'm loving.....this song! You can't beat Hillsong. And their new song Stronger is amazing!!!

Hope you are all having a very happy Wednesday!!!!!


LeAnna said...

Mmmm, limeades are my favorite!!

Suze said...

congrats on a fabulous week with wonderful weather!

your bil and his gf are too cute!

you have so many loves in your life and cute pix of y'all!

wishing luck he preaches/teaches well tonight :)

have a great day!

Bridget said...

hillsong has some AMAZZZZZING songs. and her voice. i'll take that too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, where do you get a diet strawberry limeade? That sounds so good!

Kit said...

I love roller costers too!!!

You are loving some amazing things today! Hope you have had a great Wednesday!

Tami said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm you newest follower. :)

Ryan V. said...

that's a great pic of y'all! LOve me some chipotle too! and that song too!! :)

Paula said...

Great song! And I love getting to let my toes breath! Nothing beats some flipflops on a hot summer day! : )

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

We love so many of the same things :) Wheee! xo

Anonymous said...

Love you Mrs. Amanda!!! I love that song too!!!!!!!! Cute pics!!!