Monday, May 16, 2011

Misc. Monday!

Hi, Hello, How are you? 

Oh and Happy Monday to you! :)MMbutton3 I always enjoy miscellany mondays with carissa!

so….time for some randomness.

1.  I’m very excited for this week!  I’m not exactly sure why….I just feel the excitement. 

2.  We have running club today and I am PUMPED!  Basically because it is           p e r f e c t running weather today.  Not too hot and not too cold.  No rain or crazy winds.  It should be a good one!  However….I’m a tad scared because we are increasing our run time this week.  I believe it is 30 minutes.  oh my my!

3.  I had one of the most fabulous weekends ever!  A very relaxing Friday night, fun times with my momma on Saturday, lunch with some of our best friends Sunday and always fun times with the husband!!! 

4.  Speaking of fun times:   My momma and me decided to try out the new Shellac Manicures.  I had heard all the buzz….so now I get to try it out myself!  I’m loving it so far.  Do you know it dries instantly?  Incredible.  I will give you more details later this week!  With full pictures of course. :)

IMAG0167 5.  We tried to make our very own juice spritzer thingy.  Not sure whatcha call it.  We took sparkling water and added pomegranate and cranberry juice together.  Not bad at all friends.  It’s suppose to help tide your soda cravings.  We shall see about that.  Nobody comes between me and my diet coke.

6.  Fruit bowl on the counter= healthy snacking.  I’m keeping that bad boy filled up with lots of yummy fruits.  It works! 

7.  Husband has been asked to preach at a little church on May 29th.  He is just filling in….no one get all excited….we are not moving anywhere right now.  It’s just one Sunday peeps!  I don’t think Mr. Tim is too nervous right now.  However….his wife is about to pass out from nerves!!!!  haha! This will be his first sermon ever to “big people”.  He is used to teaching teens and college age.  I just know I will be sitting on the front pew that Sunday will my legs shaking and my thumbs twirling. 

8.  Miss Maddie has been extra cuddly lately.  Plus I think she might have a cold.  She has been trotting around the house sneezing.  Hmmm…maybe it’s allergies?

9.  Blogger has been sooooo weird.  I wonder if this post is going to disappear? 

10.   Is anyone taking a vacation this summer?  Do tell?  I want ideas!!!!!!  I’m thinking I might want to do an “adventure” vacay this year.  Obviously take time to relax.  But I think it would be fun to hike, white water raft, run, sit under the stars, drink tea.  I dunno.  Ideas?

Well, that’s it for today!  Love ya’ll and hope you have a very blessed day!




Lauren said...

Well as you can tell from our blog we already had our incredible! I did the shellac manicure last year and really enjoyed it, but my nails are weak and it did some weird things! Hope it works great for you!

Suze said...

glad your excited girlie! thats a good feeling and perfect running weather :) good luck on hubs filling in at end of may, i'm sure he will do just an amazing job on the sermon! :) fruit bowl is such a great idea! Shellac manicure turned out great :) Glad you had a wonderful relaxing weekend!

Jamie Leigh said...

I am glad you had a great weekend! I have to try the shellac manicure, it looks wonderful!

I unfortunetly am not going on any vacations this summer with the wedding coming up in Sept. BUT we are planning a honeymoon to Hawaii afterwards :) Are you going anywhere!?

Emily said...

WOW, your nails are so shiny! I cannot wait to see how it hold up through the week-do post pictures! :) We have little vacations planned-a weekend in Chicago and Indianapolis and probably a long weekend in FL to see my family. All this around buying a house! :)

Jessica said...

Loving the look of your nails!!!

Melissa said...

oh friend i feel your pain! i am always more nerveous then brandon is when he preaches! but he will do amazing and you will be so very proud of him! i have a funny story about the first time brandon ever preached in big church on a sunday morning to tell you when i see you next! love you!

Rebekah said...

I just found a salon online that basically does shellac manicures for a steal! I'm going in the next couple of weeks. I might be going home home this summer to visit for a week, but other than that, we don't have any vaca's planned. We will do lots of hiking and camping but I'm also hoping we'll do day trips to the coast!

Theresa said...

Haven't heard of those manicures yet, but sounds good :) I gave up soda a couple of years ago after I discovered flavored seltzer. My favorite is raspberry lime. Only a few times a year I have a root beer for a treat!

Stephanie M. Page said...

What a fun Miscellaneous monday!!! Love the nails, love spritzers, and love that your hubby is preaching, is that what he wants to be?? so cool!!!! =) =)

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Love the shellac manicure!! So shiny and pretty!

cait said...

So many teachers at my school are doing the shellac manicures...I've been so tempted!! I think I will have to try it this summer! So how long did it end up lasting? Is it worth the money in your opinion? Yours looks great!!

As far as vacation...white water rafting is AMAZING!! we've been in TN and North Carolina. Highly recommend it! Charleston, SC is one of my all-time faves as a must-see town and near the beach! I've heard Savannah is just as great! There's my two cents...although any type of getaway is perfect!