Friday, May 21, 2010


Guess what happened to us last night...

It's true! If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will have learned that Tim and I LOVE Chipotle with all our hearts. We frequent the establishment at least once a week. Normally on Wednesday nights before church. If we are really feeling snazzy, we will go a second time a week. Well, the night manager has gotten to know us pretty well. We have definitely built a relationship with him. He even knows that I love crispy chicken tacos! Anyways...last night he was working. Tim went to reach for his wallet, when the manager said "hey bro, tonight's on me!" It was so sweet and it TOTALLY made our night!

So, this is my tribute to Chipotle! We will LOVE you forever. Please never close your doors. May we never move where there is not a Chipotle near by. May we have many more years of happiness together.

This is an example of how we felt last night after receiving our free meal. This is what our faces probably looked like after hearing the glorious news.

Well, I hope everyone has a grrrrrrreat weekend! Tonight we are taking our picture for the church pictoral directory!!! haha! Hopefully we don't look ridiculous! :)



Baker Family said...

Oh Amanda! You all crack me up!! I will have to try it sometime and see if it makes us feel like that :) hmmm.... perhaps that can be where we have our lunch date? Does your mom like Chipotle Grill?

Mike and Tracy said...

Amanda your blog had me laughing out loud here all by myself!! It was truly hilarious reading it. That was very nice of the manager to give you a FREE meal. Maybe they would choose you guys for a commercial! We've never eaten there, but maybe we'll try it for our date night sometime. We'll tell them Tim and Amanda sent us!

Brandi said...


Leigh Anne said...

um yes!! we LOVE chipotle too. could eat there everyday of my life. yum yum yum :)