Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did you know?

My friend Jamie Leigh from My Walk to I Do gave me a blog award a few weeks ago.  Thanks Jamie!  :)  Jamie is going to be getting married very soon!  I’m so excited for her! 

I am suppose to tell you 7 things that you might not know about me. 

1.  I have always wanted to own my own small business….bakery, flower shop, boutique.  whatever!  I think it would be so neat.  I would love to be there every day- doing something fun and creative!  Plus I would bring Miss Maddie with me! ha!

2.  Growing up I was a dancer for 14 years!  The first 4 years I did clogging! (go ahead and laugh!)  I know.  Very random.  Then the rest of my school years I did ballet, jazz, tap and modern.  It was so much fun….and hard work! 

3.  I struggle with worry a lot.  I hate that I’m a worrier.  I’m workin’ on it! :)

4.  I’m the worst decision maker EVER!

5.  I hate driving on the highway.  I try to avoid it at all costs! hahaha! 

6.  I love things with fruit on it.  Like a cup with cherries on it….or a hand towel with lemons….or flip flops with strawberries.  I’m obsessed!  I have been my whole life.

7.  I desire to be a stay-at-home mom someday!  I want to have a cozy, loving and happy home for my kids.  I want to be the one to teach them instead of daycare if possible.  I love nesting and homemaking!

I’m so excited for this weekend!  All day Saturday I will be having girl’s day with my best friends!  I can’t wait!!!!!  I hope everyone has a great weekend! 




Anonymous said...

I'm a worrier too! It's hard to conquer but I always try! Happy Friday!

Lauren said...

Ugh...worry such a ridiculous thing that consumes our lives!

Natalie said...

I can just picture you clogging! Adorable!

Young People in Love said...

Just found your darling blog and will def. be following all this cuteness!

And I'm TOTALLY with you on so many of these. Worrying, fruit, nesting. Yup, love it.

Michaela said...

I'm a worry wort, too, girl! Biggest thing I struggle with. Have to remember God's got this (: Hope your girls day went well! xo

cait said...

so I have absolutely NO rhythm and am definitely not a dancer...and although fruit stuff is cute, it's not my fave. ;) But other than that, we could be the same person! :) The rest of the list is me exactly! Loved reading and getting to know you better!