Friday, May 27, 2011

You look so much better when you SMILE!

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you are having a great start to the weekend! I am sooooo pumped cause this is a 3 day weekend! woohoo!

Right now Tim and I are chillin to the max! He fell asleep on the couch a few minutes ago… now I have free reign of the TV! ha! I’m catching up on my DVR tonight…..watching episodes of The Voice! Oh and I have laundry going and the dishwasher going. I love nights like this!

Last night I watched the American Idol finale on the DVR. Ummm lots of weird performances that I had to fast forward through! But, I LOVED Jacob’s performance with Kirk Franklin. Now, I was never a Jacob fan all season….but I love me some Kirk Franklin! Gospel/R&B is one of my favorite styles of music. Oh yeah….and I always love Carrie Underwood. She is just insane. In a good way!

I found Kirk Franklin’s official music video (click here) to his new song Smile. I really really want his new album! I wanted to share the video with you….it’s so cool! At the bottom of this post is the American Idol performance.

On American Idol the song was dedicated to all those dealing with the tornado aftermath and loss. It was really powerful!

Have a beautiful weekend friends!

You look so much better when you smile!!!! :)




Poppies and Sunshine said...

I had wanted to watch the finale, but didn't get to. I have heard mixed reviews about it!
Well I am so glad your weekend is off to a great start! I hope it feels long and relaxing!


Theresa said...

That was a good performance. I was disappointed in all the garbage they put on for the finale. I had to keep fast forwarding, especially Lady Gag Gag (as we call her)! We absolutely love Scotty though and think he is doing a wonderful job staying true to his Christian beliefs.

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Great video! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend Amanda!!

cait said...

love nights like that too!! :)

Maggy said...

Agreed! I love me some Kirk, but was shocked when I saw him on the finale!