Thursday, May 6, 2010

Limeades? Yes please!

Who's with me?! :)
I am especially loving the low-cal strawberry limeade! So refreshing on a warm, sunny day!
Picture taken last summer....with bangs!
(We Shepard's love Sonic all year round.)

My darling husband enjoys a limeade or two.

I am also pleased to announce that Mr. Tim is no longer on crutches!!!
Praise the Lord!! Monday the orthopedist said he could start putting weight on his foot....and what does Tim do? He goes home and mows the lawn! It's a MAY MIRACLE! I am free from my duties! He is really suppose to start out slow and not over do it....but Tim doesn't do anything slow! We are sooooooooo happy that Tim can WALK AGAIN! haha!

Tonight we are going to our first graduation of the month! After that we have about 6 more to attend! Wowza! I'm still planning a special post all about Miss Maddie....I know everyone can hardly wait! lol! Enjoy your day!!!


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Anonymous said...

I must say I am a big fan of Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Haven't tried the others. Well, not true. I have tried just Limeades there...they are yummy.
I am happy to hear that Tim is off the crutches!! I know you are so relieved that he's taken back the mowing duties!! ha