Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jello & ESPN & Self Tanner

mmmm....jello mold!

Last night Tim and I, along with miss Maddie enjoyed some lovely strawberry jello with pineapple bits inside!!! ESPN was also on...but I didn't care too much since I was enjoying jello! I was also able to watch DWTS finale and Idol!!! I really hope Lee wins!!
I also tried self-tanner for the first time!!!!! Oh my! I can't believe I didn't take pictures. My arms and legs look good....i think?! However, somehow I messed up my poor ankles and feet! I couldn't get the stuff to dry. I waited around for 2 hours! What! Then a little came off on my sheets! All that work just doesn't seem worth it to me. I am so pale and ghostly...I feel a little better with some glow.
But wayyyyyy to much work!
Oh...I made a fabric rosette to wear in my hair yesterday and it didn't fall apart! yay! I wanted to test it out before I made anymore! lol!
Have a great Wednesday everyone! I'm listening to a little Jimmy Needham...his new album! What what! So good.


Anonymous said...

Never tried self tanner. I am afraid I would turn orange! I know people who use it and it looks great. It's all about the exfoliating too! And making sure you are moisturized first.
I don't think I really care who wins Idol...neither of them were my favorites. They are both good. DWTS was good, it was just LONG! lol We had three shows we had to watch last night so it was a late night for us. Well, me anyway...I am so tired by 10:00 I'm usually falling asleep before then. It was about 11:30 by the time we finished Biggest Loser. Now tonight we have to rush home after choir to watch the two hour finale of Idol. Paula will be on there tonight and it will be a farewell to Simon too. Should be good. vie said...

I love self-tanner!!! I've never turned orange (since I am not olive-tonned at all). The best brand I've found is L' comes like a lotion.

Marilyn Thimesch said...

I love, love, love sugar free orange jello with pineapple in it. Plus I put a spoonful of lite Cool Whip on the top. Yummy!!!!
I am pale too, especially my legs!! I hate to get too much sun but I don't want to use self tanning stuff because I am afraid it will be a mess. I just need a little color on my legs!!!

Anonymous said...

There are some lotions out that have a little bit of natural glow in them. I've never used them but I've seen several.

Amanda said...

tracy...thankfully im not orange! lol! just bad feet! im so sad simon's leaving! we had a late night too!
naphtali...if i don't get better at using the tanner i have now, i will have to try the loreal!! thx!!! :)
momsy....we totally thought of you while we enjoyed our jello!! hehe! and you always tan a lovely color!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Mmm pineapple bits in jello sound good! I probably wouldn't mind if ESPN was on either if I was eating that.

Thank you for stopping by Poppies and Sunshine!

Baker Family said...

Amanda I love reading your blogs! They are so colorful and funny. Hope you are having a great Thursday :)

Anonymous said...

lets eat jello together! i need self tanner too ha ha ha ha ! im gonna hit up one of those tanning places tho, and get my big self sprayed down!

Courtney Baker said...

Hey just saw you are from Springfield. I'm flying there this summer for work to visit one of our CentriKid camps!

Amanda said... cool! i didn't know they had a centrikid camp in springfield? we have taken our youth to MFuge before and again this summer to south carolina.