Monday, May 24, 2010

A little joy for your Monday

I just love this little furry monster....I'm pretty sure I have looked/felt like him on several occasions!
I just thought I would leave a few happy pics with you to brighten your day!

#1....Cute smiling piggy

#2...What looks to be a carefree,
lovely summer day!
Love those balloons.

#3...MARSHMALLOWS! Fun, delightful and definitely make any day a little more fun or (funner!)

pics from weheartit

Well, whatever your Monday might bring you, I hope you have a great day and face it with a smile! Crazy, happy, busy, sad, boring....God is always with you and wants you to rest in Him.

I have got a few craft projects in the works right now!
Also, I have looked all over Springfield and can't find any lamps that make me happy!!! Still searching...if anyone has any ideas let me know!



Courtney Baker said...

Is your dog a Yorkie? We have a yorkie named Maddie!

Hope you had a great Monday as well!

Baker Family said...

My Monday was wonderfully warm :) I`m sorry you are not finding the lamps you like. You may just have to save and get the ones you REALLY love!! We went shopping around yesterday looking for "bistro" furniture and found some really good deals at Mike`s Unique & Antique Shop on the corner of W. Bypass and Sunshine. We have never been in there before until yesterday and they had some interesting furniture.

Amanda said...

Courtney....our Maddie is a Shih Tzu! Yorkies are cute too!

Terri....that sounds like a fun day! i will have to visit that shop! sounds fun.

Marilyn Thimesch said...

Did Tim go by Gordman's and look at the lamps you found? I liked them, but I know it isn't exactly what you had in mind. Also, did Tim have fun swimming yesterday?

I love your Monday pictures.

Have you tried making headbands yet?

Tuesday Pugs & Fishes!!!