Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bedroom redo & Crafting

Happy Wednesday!
Today my mind is filled with thoughts of my bedroom redo!!!! I seriously can't stop thinking of things I could do. Tim is the same way too. We will be laying in bed, almost asleep and he will say "we could do this or this.....!" It is FUN! This weekend I have to head out and look for a few things. We are slowly gathering things to make a finished product!
These lamps from Pottery Barn make me drool!!! But....Pottery Barn is definitely NOT in our budget! So, I am out to look for something similar or just as a cool!
These lamps would MAKE my bedroom though! I'm just sayin....
These are pretty rooms I like. Our room is not going to be this style...but I still love it! I took a style quiz and my result was "eclectic." I would have to agree with that. I love old and new. I love classic, modern, cozy, rustic.......this does make it a bit hard to style my house though!

We need some new pillows too!
Ours are as flat as pancakes!
That is shamefull! haha!

I'm excited to look for things! I love it!

I also need to buy some supplies for a few craft projects I have planned. :)

Anyone have any suggestions on where I should look for some home decor treasures? I love finding new places! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

You could look at thrift stores or flea markets for things and then repaint or refinish them. That would be a fun weekend project. I like the lamps, those are really cool and kind of 60s looking. At least your projects are inside and don't depend on nice weather. We've been wanting to do some things outside but the weather won't cooperate! Mike had to take a day of vacation yesterday just to mow our yard and our neighbors. And here comes the rain again today!! :(

Have fun decorating Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Decorating is fun! im no good at it....but i like looking at stuff ha ha ...what about kirklands?! i dunno ....they are pretty cheap! cant wait to see your new bedroom when its all said and done!

Marilyn Thimesch said...

I found my page !!! I think I was putting my password in wrong or something. Anyway, I love your ideas and the lamps and everything. You and Tim are very creative. You are going to end up with the most darling house!! I can't wait to see it.

Pugs & Fishes!!

Baker Family said...

Hey Amanda, Love the lamps!! Looking forward to dinner/hobby lobby!! You pick the date....Hello Marilyn!!!