Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Friday Thoughts!!

Happy Friday to you!!!!
Well, I thought I would take a lil space in my post today to brag on my hubby! I am soooo so so proud of him. He always makes me proud...but lately even more so! If you have been keeping up with my little blog you might remember that Tim broke his ankle about a month ago. Well, he is doing great and walking on and pretty much back to normal! Yipeee! (so glad i don't have to mow the lawn anymore! lol) Last night he went on a walk/jog with me! Anyways....I wanted to announce that he just found out that he will get Sundays off at work starting next week!!!! Woooohoooo! He has been trying for that for a long time...and no luck. But, he has really been excelling at work and was able to get that day off. I am one happy lady! We still don't get Saturday together, but I guess I can live with that! We never get to spend a whole day together, so I am PUMPED about this!
Well, I thought I would show some pics of this wonderful man of mine.....

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

I just had to share this pic from last Halloween! Tim and I were tacky tourists.
BEST picture EVER!!! :)

Mr. Tim enjoying a lovely picnic...
that is Maddie's toy by the way!

The day we became the Shepards. I am so thankful for him.

Well....thanks for letting me brag a little!

This weekend I am excited about:
-time with family
-time with friends
-working on a few crafts i have
-maybe a lil pineapple whip
-going for another walk/jog or two

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!
Any exciting plans?


Poppies and Sunshine said...

Aw, so cute. It is always great to hear about how much people love each other. I only plan on going to the farmer's market this weekend, otherwise nothing too exciting!

Anonymous said...

Your post is so cute Amanda! I'm glad for Tim that he gets off Sundays now. That will be nice to get to spend that whole day together.
I hope you have a great weekend, and get that Pineapple Whip!! We are on our way to Fort Leonard shopping!! ha We're going to buy a Wii Fit too. We don't have to pay taxes on post so that saves a "Wii" bit of money!! heheheheh
I am so excited for next weekend, as we went to Havertys last night to buy our new mattress!! We've only been sleeping on the one we have for 22 years! Time for new. It could mean I have to look for new bedding too.....:)