Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lots going on....

This is a sneak peak of our bedroom redo inspiration!!! Found at our home away from home....TARGET! We love you!

Sorry...I have been SUPER busy and forgot to post the last few days! Tim and I went to yet another graduation last night! I must say that graduations are some of the most boring things EVER! I love all the kids....but it is sheer torture! :) I thought I would post a few pics from this past weekend. We took some jr. & sr. youth to what we call STARS. Students Taking A Right Stand. It is a super fun prom alternative weekend. We went to Ocean Zen, took lots of pics and went to Worlds of Fun! They all looked beautiful! I am pooped though! We have more graduations left to go to and parties! I will show you some more pics later....or you can check my pics on Facebook! Over 100 on there! haha!

Well, Tim and I have been busy working
on a few projects!
We are slowly working on redoing our bedroom! (see inspiration pic at the top!) Since we moved to our home, we have had a hodge podge of furniture stuffed in this TINY room! And nothing matches and there is no color theme! It is about to drive me NUTS! So.....we have a theme and have started work on it. We were able to move the bed around so Tim can actually get out on his side now!!!!! WOW!
His side used to be shoved in the corner!
I will show you some pics as we go.
I hope everyone has a grrrrreat day! I can't stop thinking about DIY projects! ahhhh! :)


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see your decorating! I think the bedroom collection on your page is very pretty. Are you getting new bedroom furniture or refinishing what you have? I think that bedding would look great with some expresso colored furniture! Keep us all updated with pics!
I can't imagine the torture you've gone thru with all the graduations!! Sitting through my son's was bad enough for us. I cannot imagine those families that have last names that start with S or even a W. Absolutely boring. I become a people watcher at about letter D!! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hi Manders.....Love you! Love the bedding....I want to see the finished person! ha ha I love your're the best decorator i know! hey..maybe that's what u should do...interior decorator! that would be awesome! I love your pics...glad you had fun at stars!!! You looked pirty too, if I do say so myself! vie said...

Love the bedding. Yes - graduations can be boring, but how sweet to show your support. Keep up thinking DIY projects...they are truly what transforms a house into a home (by putting your own stamp on it)!! xx, Naphtali

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone!
Tracy...we are trying to be thrifty and use a lot of what we have already. There will be some furniture painting going on!! :) :) are so sweet, and i'm not a good decorator at all!! lol! thanks for the sweetness!
Naphtali...thanks! tim and i are loving DIY projects right now! :) so fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the furnture painting idea. You can really transform a piece of furniture by painting or refinishing and then changing out the knobs, etc. I can't wait to see your progress pictures!

Nikkie and Dave said...

Hello sweet Amanda, I love your new idea for you bedroom it is so cute... and the pics of you guys are so sweet too... I am so happy I get to see how you all are doing on your blog... I am still new to the blogging thing lol and I am so excited about it.. I miss you so much!!!

Baker Family said...

Amanda, I love the girls "date" night idea with Hobby Lobby and crafts! We can start the evening going out to dinner! Your people can get with my people and we will make it happen! Love you too and cant wait!