Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Morning people! How are you today? I am doing great! I thought I would just give a little update on things. Sorry...no pictures today. I don't have any new ones. I will this weekend because I am taking my small group out for an activity and Tim is also taking his out too. Last night I made a dish that tasted almost exactly like Chipotle!!!!! I am not joking here. If you have ever had one of there chicken bowls...this tasted just like it. We were just trying out something new, and it turned out way better than we thought it would. It was really fun to make too. Whenever we are craving Chipotle...we can save money and stay in! Take that Chipotle!!! haha! I also tried baking banana bread for the first time last night. We had some old bananas that I didn't want to waste so I gave it a whirl. It turned out really well. I think I baked it a little too long and next time I am going to add a little more banana and a little more sugar. Then I think it would be perfect!!! Also, heads up people....I am going to try my hand at mowing again tonight! It's that time again. We have tons of dandilions this year, and we didn't have them last year. It is very annoying to me....now that I am the one caring for our lawn! I think I might stop by Lowes and buy some weed killer or something. I'll see what happens. You never know what I am going to be doing next! So watch out!!!
Have a lovely day. xoxo


Anonymous said...

hi mrs amanda..have fun mowing! i want to try ur mexican dish...ha ha ha ...... u still coming over friday night? love u!

Anonymous said...

I've never eaten at Chipotle but happy that you have found an alternative. I'm glad you are giving mowing another whirl...I was just wondering if you mowed this week. I don't mind mowing from time to time, but Mike wants to do it himself. I'm sure you will be glad when Tim can resume the duties! ha
Dandelions are a never ending thing!! I spent hours and hours over the weekend digging them up. But each morning I would find a few more. They will eventually go away with the hot weather, but they are a pain. And they don't look very attractive in a yard! Our lazy neighbor barely mows and doesn't take care of his yard so the dandelions are in over abundance.
Happy mowing!!! And be careful!

Amanda said...

yes miss brandi...we are still coming over. if you will have us! ha!
tracy...we also have a lazy neighbor who doesn't keep up with his yard! soooo annoying.