Friday, April 9, 2010

Look....I'm Driving!!!

Here are some fun pics of one of our outings!! We are both having to get used to me driving us around. I think he might drive me crazy though with his passenger seat comments!!! We have an appointment on Monday with the Orthopedist to see if Tim will have to get a cast. I hope he won't! He is getting around pretty good...but he is still in a lot of pain unfortunately. The pain meds they gave him don't really help much. :( Well...I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. It is gonna be beautiful! xoxo


Anonymous said...

amanda...i am proud of you driving like a real woman should haha ha haha ha ha ha ha now only if we could get you to mow your lawn! ha h a

Anonymous said...

Amanda, try not to get a speeding ticket like your SIL did!! ha Happy driving!

Baker Family said...

I hope Tim doesn`t have to have a cast either. You guys coming out tonight? That will be a long drive for you. Love ya!