Monday, April 12, 2010

Look at me go!!!

Yes....the rumors you have heard are true! Amanda Nicole Shepard mowed the front yard!!! I did it everyone! Honestly, I am very proud of myself and I didn't do that bad of job. As you can see from the pictures...husband was supervising from the front porch. I'm glad he was there because I had a terrible time getting the stupid mower started. That was the hardest part! Then, whenever I would stop for some reason....I would have to try to start it up all over again! I think I made my husband proud! It's a good feeling. I will tell you all later about the yummy dinner I made also. Oh, what a day I had!!! xoxo


Mike and Tracy said...

AMANDA!!! Those pictures are so funny! Everyone is so proud of you for mowing the yard. You are racking up the accomplishments thanks to Tim!! Keep up the good work. Are you mowing the back yard next?

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo proud of you!!!! You were a pro at picking up sticks when you lived at home and now you are mowing the lawn. You are AWESOME !! I love, love, love the pictures!!!!

Pugs & Fishes

Baker Family said...


Brandi said...

hi amanda! i am proud of you mowing...and u just happen to look hott doing it.....well sexy...i am sure u were seriously hot! dare anonymous make you pick up sticks! ha haha

oh also, when u have a baby...thats another great accomplishment! lets get on the band wagon seester! ha ha j/k, but you will be proud of yourself....when the lovely time comes!