Thursday, April 8, 2010

Husband's Broken Foot

Well, the title says it all!! Yep....husband has a broken foot/ankle! We were at the fitness center Tuesday night like usual. I was goin to town on the eliptical machine when this man came in and asked if I was Tim's wife. I immediately thought, OH BOY! What happend now?! He said Tim sprained his ankle playing basketball and he can't walk. So, I went downstairs to the court. Some other dude came down really hard and landed on his ankle. It popped twice. He couldn't walk out, so I got to push him out in a fun wheel chair. I have never seen him in so much pain. I hated it. We decided to wait it out and see if the swelling would go down. Things didn't get better, so I took him to urgent care yesterday and after a few x-rays and such.....2 small fractures!!! He left wearing a walking boot, and he goes Monday to see if he needs it casted or not. This stinks bad! But we have been making the best of it and we have already been making light of the situation. I have stayed calm, cool and collected through it all!! I know...surprize! :) I surprized myself with that one! Yay. I just kept thinking and keep can Tim stay calm if I'm not calm. I haven't even been quesy or anything. A few concerns have crossed my mind.....who is gonna mow the grass? :) I have never touched a mower in my life, and quite honestly I don't want to start now!!! haha! I don't think Tim wants me too either. He wants his lawn to live and prosper! Also, I have been and will be doing more driving. For those that know me well, know I LOATHE driving. I know I can do this. Tim also prefers to do the driving in the family. Well...the Shepards are switching things up!! I got this! I'm gonna be a lawn mowing, driving machine! On second might want to keep me in your prayers just to be safe! ;) xoxo

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Baker Family said...

OUCH! So sorry Tim. We will be praying for a speedy recovery! Amanda, maybe Adam can mow for you! love your blog and pic! Have a beautiful day.