Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok, so I need to floss...

These are some happy teeth pillows! A momma and baby!

Such a cute and hungry walrus!

pics from weheartit

I think my one of my teeth is like the sad brown one....well, it's not really brown...but it's sad because it is getting a mean root canal on Monday. Hopefully tooth will be happy after monday's procedure. He will have good roots again! Oh my! I'm a little on the loopy side. I'm trying not think about going back to the dentist Monday. I went this morning for a cleaning. Verdict is Amanda needs to floss more! Well, actually...I just need to floss! lol. I am making a vow to myself to take more time for my dental health. I am going to try to floss every night before I go to bed. They also told me to brush in a circular motion. Uh oh! I have been brushing back and forth. I am turning over a new dental leaf.

However, I will not stop drinking diet coke. No sir. I love it and it makes me happy. That's it.

Well, yes I did mow last night. I also sprayed some weed killer. Luke came and mowed our back yard again. I fed him dinner again. He is such a blessing and the sweetest kid. He makes me want to cry because he is so precious! Thanks everyone for all your mowing encouragement!!! It has helped me keep going! haha!

P.S. I also killed two bugs yesterday so I wouldn't have to make Tim get up and kill them! Who have I become?!?! I don't even know me anymore! Hahahahahah!


Mike and Tracy said...

What has become of you? Where did the REAL Amanda go? lol I think it's great you are doing more for yourself. Sorry to hear about your dental health, the root canal and your refusal to give up Diet Coke. It's so bad for you!! lol I drink soda one night a week--Wednesday Subway before Church date night.
Good luck at the dentist, I had to reschedule my appointment.

Baker Family said...

Amanda I LOVE your blog design!!! I have checked out shabby blogs before. Will be praying that your root canal will go smooth. Have a happy day today! (what kind of candy are you keeping in your dish at work?)

Amanda said...

thanks everyone for the root canal encouragement! i appreciate it!
thank u terri! i think i will keep this blog design for awhile! i couldn't find one that i really liked...but i love this one! i did have little easter eggs in the bowl for awhile! :)