Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey! I am still pretty sore today! haha! I am crazy!!! Tonight, Tim and I have to find our Halloween costumes. We have to find them at the thrift store, cause we don't want to spend hardly any money. So, that is our mission tonight. And I really need to do some things around the house. What is everyone being for Halloween? We are helping at the youth party tomorrow, so it will be fun to see everyone's costumes! I hope everyone who is sick feels better really soon! Brandi, give Mr. Bear a hug for me! Well, that's it for now! Peace out!


Mike and Tracy said...

Sorry to hear you are still sore. We are not going to be anything for Halloween. We'll just give out some candy to just the few kids who come to our neighborhood. Maybe you and Tim could be WWE Wrestlers!! lol
Did you have any bruising from your fall?
Anyway, hope you get to feeling better! And Happy Halloween to you.

ps...Is Tim still liking Bass Pro? He was talking to Mike and I at Cowboy Days about it.

Brandi said...

amanda!! you are so funny!! mr. bear says hi and he loves you!! im going to be the fat pregnant lady for halloween, ha ha we will get mr. bears costume tonight!! who knows what he will be!! maybe a weiner dog!! ha ha

Baker Family said...

Hi Amanda! Mr. Bear is sick today. Please pray for him.
Have fun tonight!

Baker Family said...

Amanda I love this background you chose! I sure LOVE this time of year! See ya soon!