Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Slanket

I'm having a pretty good day today! I am excited for church tonight! My parents are home safely! They are both tan! And they had a great time. I am so glad they are home though!!! (mom if you are reading this...i thought you were going to post a comment!! :) ) Well, I just drank almost 70 oz. of water! whoohoo!!!!!!!!! But, now I need a soda! haha! I wish Halloween would be over with so I can start putting out my Christmas stuff! I can hardly wait for all the Christmas festivities. I am singing christmas songs in my head right now! Last night on tv, I saw something called a Slanket. It is like a huge fleece blanket with sleeves attached so you can sit with it on but still have your arms free to do stuff. I really want one of those! lol!!!! I am sure everyone is laughing at me right now! That's one of those things I wish I would have thought of first and I could have made millions! Tim told me he could make me one himself by cutting the sleeves off one of my sweatshirts and sewing them on to one of our blankets! hahaha! But I said NO! I want the Slanket! Anyways! Enough with the randomness.......have a good night everyone!

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Baker Family said...

Hi Amanda! I wouldnt mind having a slanket myself! haha Have a great day today! I love you and will see you soon!