Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hey everyone! Not much to say today. I am kinda stressed at work. Just lots of stuff going on and lots to do. Meanwhile, I am trying to plan what to wear to Cowboy Days on Friday. Tim has his outfit already. I am not sure what I am going to wear yet. Tim is going Skeet shooting on Saturday with all the church men....I sure hope he doesn't shoot himself or anyone else! lol! He has not shot a gun in a long long time! Might be a little rusty! I will stay at home on Saturday and work on the house. And Tim has requested me to make one of my special recipes for him on Saturday. So, I will be working on that. Well, not too much more going on. I hope everyone has a nice day. Some leaves are starting to turn! I am excited about that. :) Love you!


Baker Family said...

Thanks Amanda! I pray that someone will stumble onto my post and give it some thought.Please pray for this person that I am trying to reach with the Gospel. I have been witnessing to her for a couple of weeks now and I will have another chance to talk to her about Jesus on Wed. I praise God for saving me too!! His Grace is AMAZING!! I will also pray that you have a smooth afternoon at work. I love you too and am grateful to have you in my life! Tell Tim that we will be praying for his safety on Sat. LOL!!! I better get back to school. I am on lunch right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi amanda! Hopefully tim won't shoot anyone or himself! Ha ha I hope work gets better for you! The e card u sent was precious! Tears! Ha love you!