Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's almost the weekend!!!

Hey yall! I am so excited it is the end of the week! almost! I am excited, but then a little sad cause Tim might have to work on Saturday. Sometimes Bass Pro has mandantory overtime. So....he probably won't get to go to the skeet shoot at church! That might be for the best!! lol! :) Oh my goodness...I have my outfit ready for Cowboy Days tomorrow! I can't wait. Tim and I might look a little ridiculous, but we love going all out! I can't forget to bring my camera. Last year I got a lot of funny pics of everyone. I am going to a baby shower tonight, so that should be fun! I always love looking at all the cute baby stuff! Does anyone watch the Unit? This week's episode was insane. One of my favorite episodes ever. Well, I had better get to work. The engine light was on in my car for a few days and now it is off! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a beautiful Thursday!


Anonymous said...

You were very cute last year at Cowboy Days, Amanda. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I know you guys are going to look ridiculous! But it should be funny!!