Friday, October 3, 2008

Hooray for Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone! I love Fridays and I love the weekend! It's just GOOD!!! I have lots of stuff to do this weekend, but it will all be fun. I have been so very lazy this week. Not much energy! Tim and I have just been laying around like sloths every night. No running or going to the gym. Shame Shame...I know! Tonight we are going to Aaron's football game at HHS. It is their Homecoming, so at least I will get to see all the girl's in their dresses. That is always fun! Oh...I forgot to share with everyone....I am becoming a real cook! lol! I have been cooking from this recipe book that I have had forever, just never used. I am loving it and Tim is LOVING it! haha! The meal I made last night was so delish! I am proud of myself. I used to only make frozen meals etc. So, I will keep everyone updated on my cooking journey. I hope you all have an awesome weekend! Loves!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, do share some of your yummy recipes!! Have a nice weekend, Amanda.

Baker Family said...

Hi Amanda! We need to get together and have a Thimesch, Baker, Shepard game night! That would be lots of fun! I love the weekends too! We will be walking tomorrow for the PCC. Have a great weekend.
Love you!