Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello from Maddie


Hey guys!  It’s Maddie!!!!!

Mom let me get on the blog today!  I have been really good….

I have been eating lots of treats lately.  My mom and dad got me Beggin Strips for Christmas and my mamaw and papaw got me Pupperoni!!!!  Sometimes if I’m extra good, I get one of each of my treats.

Yesterday it was just me and mom….and Eleanor too.  We went on a walk just us girls.  Dad was shaggy, so we sent him off to the groomer…..uh I mean salon. heeeheeee!

Eleanor is my best friend!  I love playing in her room.  I can’t wait till she is here and I can help take care of her. 


I am going to teach her how to roll over….cause I’m super good at it!  I’m pretty sure people will want to rub her belly too.  Everyone always rubs mine. 


I’m also going to teach her how to take good naps!  Like me….I can take naps sitting up, laying down….you name it!

I love my parents!  And I love treats.  Oh and I really love my baby sister. I think that’s it.  Oh I forgot….I love Captain Crunch too.

Well, it’s about time for my afternoon nap.


Maddie Shepard


Emily said...

This is SO cute!!!

Amy Lee said...

LOVE! Maddie, you are too stinking cute for your own good! :-D

Bethany McGuire said...

This was the cutest and funnest thing ever!

Beth Ann said...

Love it! She's precious. She also doesn't know what's coming! ;) LOL. I should do one of these posts with Doug! ;)

Southern Elle said...

This is so cute.. I am also expecting, and planning on my doggie being a great big sister. Fun post.

They LOVE Captain Crunch! and so do I!

Megan said...

Awwww, this is precious! Haha!! She's so cute!

Anonymous said...

hi sweet maddie!! :)