Thursday, February 16, 2012

27 weeks!

How is it that I am now in my 3rd Trimester?????


This has gone by lightening fast.  I know I keep saying it….but geez! I LOVE being pregnant!  I LOVE IT!!!!!  I am going to miss it. 

However, I have been very textbook.  I have felt pretty good almost the whole way through.  Up until last week…..

My back has started hurting.  What’s with that? 

Oh yeah….I guess my back is tired of supporting my huge belly!  ha!

It was funny because as I was reading the 27 week section in my book it said….your back is going to start hurting! hahaha!  They are spot on!

And just this week I had my first bout of the “I FEEL FAT” syndrome.  LOL! 

Out of the blue it hit me…..I sent Tim a text that said “i feel fat”! (poor husband!)  He said, “you’re not fat, you’re pregnant!!!!!)  It didn’t make me feel better.  Only because I look down and my thighs have gotten HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously people!  What is with that?  I don’t feel like I have gone crazy at all.  I haven’t ordered Tim to get me a Blizzard at 3 am or anything.  But my face is getting chubby and my thighs are like holiday hams! 

Sorry….just had to vent there. 


So here I am at 27 weeks!!!!!!!  All dressed up for Valentine’s Day!  A friend of mine had this pretty sparkly maternity top that I borrowed!  I love it! 


up close belly picture!  Hi Eleanor! :)

401108_10150614350133606_501583605_8980451_1374332903_n Other fun moments I don’t want to forget:

*Mr. Tim sings to Eleanor CONSTANTLY!!!!!  It’s pretty hilarious.  Though I really hope she isn’t tone deaf because he is not the best singer! hehe! 

*I still could eat pizza for every meal if allowed! :)

*My glucose test is next week!!!!!!!! eeek.  Feel free to send encouraging words. I’m so nervous.

*I’m sleepy great.  Thanks to my friend who let me borrow her snoogle! And for the record Maddie LOVES the snoogle.

*I get up at least 2 times to go to the bathroom in the night.  Everyone is so right when they say God is preparing you for a newborn with the getting up thing.  

*For some reason….I’m not scared of labor.  Is this normal?  I’m guessing the fear will set in a few weeks before it all goes down.  We don’t have a big list of things we want.  We just know we are going to roll with the punches… if we have to do a C-section…ok….if I can’t get my epidural….ok. 

*Oh and how could I forget….Eleanor went to her very first Christian rap concert!!! haha!  I sat in the veryyyyy back because the bass was crazy loud! 


Regardless of whether I feel like a whale or not…..I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!!!!!!! It is a miracle from God and I am enjoying every minute of it! 




Jessica said...

I'm glad you're enjoying being pregnant! I think you look amazing. :D

Haley Galloway said...

I love your happy posts! Always so uplifting!

I am going on 36 weeks along now and can tell you I loved being pregnant up until about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Now, I am thoroughly over it and ready to have my body back. I wish I could get back in the "I love being pregnant" mindset because it would make the next 4 weeks so much easier.

You look fabulous. I think you're glowing and definitely do not look fat!! But I completely understand how you feel. Believe me, I have uttered the words "I feel fat" about 2 or 3 times a day to either myself or my husband and my husband ALWAYS says "You're not fat, you're pregnant" as well! haha.

The glucose test ain't no thang sister! Really. The worst part is maybe the last few swallows. And being really hungry before the test (so hopefully yours is in the morning). Then it's just a quick blood-draw and that's it! I promise you it is nothing to stress about.

And I completely get the whole "not being afraid" of labor thing too! I was the same way with my 1st. I didn't stress about it at all. When I was in labor I was completely calm and I never freaked out. My labor was incredibly easy with her and I attribute it to how at ease I was about it all. This time I have a little more anxiety for some reason (probably because I don't plan on getting the epidural). So we shall see!

Anyways sorry for the novel! I love your blog. Have a great weekend!

Natalie said...

You are so precious! You look absolutely beautiful. What a fun maternity top :)
OKay girl, welcome to the journey of motherhood-WHY we have to gain weight EVERYWHERE is totally beyond me and NOT.FAIR. haha! But totally worth it! I got stretch marks on my thighs before I got ANY on my belly...wayyyy before. What is up with that?! Oh does come off, I promise! :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

You are looking SO good!!!! I know how you feel though because I have gone through that too :) :) It must just be a part of it.

I love that you love being pregnant. We should cherish the moments for surely!!!!!

And I agree with ^ - the gloucose test isn't all that bad. Just fast before and hopefully it is in the morning!! You will do just fine the drink tastes like those sugary drinks I would have when I was little in the tiny jugs. I don't remember the name.... but you may remember those? :) Or maybe I am just crazy and very preggo?

Blessings to you!!

Beth Ann said...

You look great! I felt huge, too...but let's face it- I was- I gained 50 lbs! ;) I still loved the big belly but yeah...not fun gaining everywhere else! You have exactly the right mindset about labor & delivery. Roll with it. BUT I really hope you get your epidural! Let my lesson learned be a lesson to you! Next time I swear to you I am calling ahead so I can get it as soon as I get in the hospital doors!

Emily said...

Yep, you are still glowing!! :) I love your glitter top too!!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Enjoy it! Enjoy not having to suck in, be big - it's ok! You have plenty of time to feel overweight when you have little Eleanor - the weight doesn't come off immediately - and that's ok too. I keep telling myself that :)

You look wonderful, and it sounds like you are right on track.

The glucose test - so easy! The stuff doesn't taste that bad either, so don't let anybody freak you out. I'm sure you'll do fine!

The delivery process - AMAZING...nothing to be nervous or scared about...just be excited!

Have a great weekend!!

Lauren said...

you look so fabulous, LOVE that maternity top!

The glucose test really isn't a big deal, I had a bad experience but it was totally dr. related, not the actual test!

I wasn't really worried about labor until right until we left for the literally as we were walking out the door I remember starting to cry because I was scared! Don't worry, the nurses will tell you exactly what to do!

Megan said...

Y'all are SO SO cute! These pictures make me so happy. You are just glowing! Pregnancy suits you!!