Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Becoming Parents 101

Hello there!  :) 

It’s time for another addition of Becoming Parents!!!!!

Can I just say…..I LOVE YOU GUYS! All your advice on strollers and bath time has been soooooo helpful!  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on today’s topic. 

So today I am curious about….

What is your favorite parenting book? 

I did a little google search and found the most popular parenting books out right now.  




what to expect first year

They all seem like they have fabulous ideas to offer.  But I really don’t want to read that many books!

I would love to hear what book you refer back to over and over! 

Did you not read any books?  How is that going? 

I know not everyone does….

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!




Lauren said...

I read Babywise only...based on several recommendations from my other mom-friends. I absolutely DO NOT follow it perfectly, but the eat, wake, sleep principals have been wonderful for Elyse!

I also have What to Expect the First Year from my SIL. I use it more of a reference in regards to specific situations instead of reading it cover to cover...it's a much more reliable source than a Google search when you're wondering about Eleanor's bowel movements! ha!

Natalie said...

I have what to expect in my bathroom that I skim through when she changes months-kinda like I did with pregnancy, or I reference it, if need be.
We did read Babywise before C was born. It has really good ideas about how to not let your baby be the boss of the house :) That being said, we really follow it pretty loosely and in the beginning I beat myself up for not being on a schedule, but after a few weeks I realized it would come with time and I'm SOO glad I didn't push it-Callyn eventually worked into it on her own! But I would recommend it-lots of good ideas and I've referenced it many many times!
We did not read Happiest Baby but we did watch the dvd of it and I highly highly recommend the technique!! I wouldn't think you'd need to read the book to get it though-they gave out phamplets at our hospital about it and that's what we did (swaddle, shush, sway, side/stomach, suck...Callyn didn't ever take a paci so we didn't do suck) and it worked miracles for her as a newborn!! :)
If you don't have a ton of time I would say just get some general info on things and maybe have books to reference but don't spend a ton of time reading through because when something comes up, you'll be googling, looking on every forum and readnig the books you have anyway ;)

Jennifer Renee said...

Obviously I don't have kids but since I do teach a lot of parenting at work.... We use Happiest Baby on the Block all the time! Good news is if you don't want to read it, or better yet have the time, there is a video. We also use the What to Expect the First Year for reference material.

Theresa said...

I liked The Baby Book by Dr. Sears for reference. Also for feeding "Super Food For Your Baby" by Ruth Yaron is great! It helped me with feeding solids and what to introduce when and how to make my own baby food very easily :)
I don't know if you plan on breastfeeding....but with my first I really messed by trying to schedule feed right from birth. I know it works for some. With my second I breastfed on demand for the first few weeks and it really helped.

Jessica said...

I've heard the Happiest Baby on the Block is a good one! I really enjoyed the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy and there's a follow up, the Girlfriends Guide to the First Year (or something like that) that I really want to check out too.

Good luck, there are tons of great books out there! :D

In the end though, your mommy instinct will kick in and you won't need books, you'll know what to do. ;) You're gonna be a great mom!

Beth Ann said...

We have "The Happiest Baby on the Block." I like it. The biggest thing to keep in mind that works as far as keeping a loose schedule is to think "eat, play, sleep...repeat." Of course, in the very beginning all they do is eat & sleep...play comes a little later. Back to books...Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy is a very fun (& funny!) read...you should definitely get it if you haven't already! We also have "What to Expect The First Year" which is good to have on hand as a resource. If you are planning to breastfeed, I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend getting the book, "The Nursing Mother's Companion." It is an excellent book to have on hand to look up any and every bf'ing issue you encounter.

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

So good to read for me too! :) I have read babywise and healthy baby, healthy sleep... ha they somewhat contradict each other. I guess I am just trying to pray through what the schedule will be like and not let my type-a personality take over! Hahaha! I really do like the concepts of Babwise and have heard really great success from other mamas!! Bless you friend!

Stephanie Willoughby said...

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child...this book was a miracle worker with both of my baby boys.

Anonymous said...

I agree with adding the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book! Kind of strangely organized but very informative! And Happiest Baby on the Block. I have Baby Whisperer but trying to put baby girl on a schedule drives me nuts so I backed off of that for now. She's just a little baby and not going to follow things exactly I have to remind myself.