Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Smokey smokes.

Hello to all! Last night we were making breakfast for dinner! We were making waffles in our waffle iron that we never use. We were also making sausage and eggs. Well, I guess our sausage pan got a little too hot and our smoke detectors started going off!! haha! First the one in our dining room went off numerous times. Then the one in the hall started going off too! We had the back door open and the kitchen window open. Maddie started freaking out and spinning in circles chasing her tail. Poor thing. This morning when I got up the house still smelled of sausage! We also went to the gym last night. Tim put me through some basketball drills. :) He loves to work with me on things like that! I also did the rowing machine for 1,000 meters. Just like on the Olympics! Then I did the EFX for 30 min. It was a fun evening. I am looking forward to Thursday. Our mini vacation starts then! Can't wait!!! Everyone have a fantastic day. And remember to take caution while cooking sausage! Love to all.


Brandon said...

hey what are you guys doin on ur mini vacation?

Melissa said...

Love breakfast for dinner! A special treat!

Baker Family said...

Hi Amanda! I guess i am a blogger now too! haha
I love breakfast food!