Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Good day to you! I am quite excited for tonight. The missionaries from Uruguay will be at our church tonight! I can hardly stinkin wait!!! It will be really sad when they leave, but I am glad I get to see them for at least a little bit! I got my friend and sis-in-law Brandi (shout out....whoowhoo) to start a blog too. Check her's out...My brother is going to start one too! I must say I have the most precious, adorable and amazing nephew in the world!! Last night I got to see him for a lil bit, and I just love him to pieces! I thank God he let me be an's awesome! I had some delicious pineapple for lunch today! I could eat an entire pineapple by myself in one sitting. My sweet hubby buys whole ones and slices it for me into cute rings. I love my husband by the way. I am in a pretty good mood today also! Feeling better! Well, gotta go get some work done. Everyone have a marvelous day! Peace out!

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Chickie said...

Manders, I love reading your blog! In fact it has inspired me: Well wanted to say hi and I will be reading! Love You, Chickie