Thursday, July 7, 2011

true blue friends.

Last week Tim and I got to spend time with some of our very best friends that moved away to South Carolina a year ago.  We miss them so much!  But we know they are exactly where they are suppose to be and God is working through them in amazing ways.  Brian is a youth pastor at a church there.  Brian and Jade together do such an amazing job with the teenagers!  It was so much fun just getting to talk for hours and catch up on everything. 


They stayed the night at our house one evening.  We were up until 3am talking! Well…..I dozed off a few times! Haha!  That is waaaaay past my bedtime.  But it was worth it.  It felt like nothing had changed……and we all just picked up where we left off!  Isn’t that how great friendships are?  It is special. 


We had planned on getting up and making a huge breakfast together…..but the 3am thing kinda messed us up! :)  We all slept until about 10 and then we decided to go to Ihop! ha!


(this pic ended up blurry…..but i still love it)


Oh poor Maddie! haha!  She loves them…..


I think I probably drank 5 cups of coffee!!! ha!



Jade tried this sour apple lemonade!  It looked pretty in the glass. 

We had such a wonderful time together.  Even though we miss them, we know we are all right where we are suppose to be. 

It’s so nice to have friends near and far!  What a blessing.

Happy Thursday! 

(oh and guess what?  this is actually my friday!!!!! weeeee!)




Lauren said...

Love friends like that...sounds like such a fun time!

Je$$ said...

those are the best kinds of friends where you can just pick up like no time has passed at all.

i think i may have to try the green apple lemonade..looks very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, friends where you can pick right back up where you left off are the best! Yay for fun times!

Alisha said...

Aww, yay for great friends!! Looks like a great time. Ooh but 3AM is WAY past my bedtime too. I probably would've been passed out right beside ya! :)