Friday, July 29, 2011

Floating & another yoga story!


(Via Pinterest)

Hey all!  A very happy Friday to ya! :o)

Well, I am going floating this weekend….hence the floating picture!  Wherever they are floating in this picture looks wayyyyy cooler than were I will be floating.  I am taking the high school girls from our church on a lil float trip!  It should be a blast.  However….I am definitely NOT an outdoorsy person….so me leading this is quite laughable! hahaha!

I once went on a canoe trip with a bunch of people…..and no one wanted me in their canoe!  I guess I made the canoe flip or whatever!  hehe.

I think this float is more up my ally…….


(Via Pinterest)

And can I get a YUM?! :) 

It’s been a long while since I had a root beer float. 

I have never heard of root beer float cupcakes until Pinterest…..


(Via Pinterest)

Those are amazingly cute and I’m sure just as tasty!

So……another funny yoga story for you:

You can read about my first yoga embarrassment here.

***Last night I went to the Advanced Yogalates class at the YMCA. (haha! i am in no way advanced!)  Anyways…..At the end of class is “restoration time”.  The instructor turns out the lights and we get to lay there for like 10 or 15 minutes in the dark.  Then she comes around with smelly good lotion and rubs our necks.  It’s pretty amazing.  Well, this time I don’t remember anything after my neck rub! Seriously!  I just remember opening my eyes and the instructor was talking to the class…..and I was like “oh no…how long has she been talking!!!!”  I’m not sure.  I just hope I wasn’t snoring or anything.  Yikes! 

Maybe I shouldn’t go to yoga?  ha!  I look pretty ridiculous! 

I am really feeling it today!  ouchie! 

Well, that sums up this week’s embarrassing yoga story.  Don’t worry….I’m sure I’ll have another one for ya next week! ;) 

p.s.  There is a new Chinese takeout place that opened up next door to the ymca! 

Cruel?  I think yes! 

Have a super amazing weekend everybody! 

love ya!



Jessica said...

Mmm, I need a root beer float now!

Lauren said...

Mmm...those root beer floats look delicious!

Theresa said...

We love root beer floats and A&W is the best!
Have a great weekend :)

Beth Ann said...


Anonymous said...

Please, please I hope you have another funny yoga story next week! It makes my day :) That does sound soooo relaxing!

Young People in Love said...

mmm I love all things rootbeer and these cupcakes look AMAZING!!! yum yum yum!
LOVING your blog, btw. Following!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I hope you had a fun time going floating! That's always fun, even though I'm not an outdoorsy person either!
That cupcake looks and sounds so good!