Monday, July 25, 2011

I wish starbucks delivered….

I didn’t get any coffee this morning!  That’s right……AND it’s a Monday.  Only the most important day to start out with coffee.  Oh well, somehow I will manage.  Even though I feel ridiculously tired today for some reason. 

Jesus is the real reason I’m out of bed on this day anyway! Rejoice in the Lord always…..and again I say rejoice! :)  I love that part at the end of the verse….*again* I say rejoice. 

I still need some coffee though….   :) 

Well, this weekend was indeed fabulous!  I had my very first pedicure!  Several people have asked my thoughts on it….so I will share that in a post soon.  I really enjoyed it (for the most part!) haha! 


Feet are so weird looking.  Well….maybe just my feet?  I have exceptionally long and bony toes! haha!


I went to a cheer competition!  This is Bethany….one of the sweetest girls around….she is in my small group at church.  They took 2nd place and did amazing! 


I got to pick my mug up that I painted last week!!!!!!!  I was so excited!  I am pretty happy with how it looks……except for a few things.  I always get carried away and I painted too many little twirly doo dads. 

Film Review Zookeeper

And we saw the movie Zookeeper!!!!!  I cannot tell just how f u n n y this movie was!  I was laughing the entire time.  I thought it was going to be a little too cheesy from the looks of the previews, but I was so surprised!  You must go see this!  It will brighten your day! :) 

We also had an amazing day at church yesterday!  God really spoke to me through the messages.  I’m still letting them marinate.  Also some of our good friends are getting ready to leave this week for deputation.  They are going to be missionaries in Nicaragua.  They will be traveling around for several months raising support.  I am really really going to miss them. 

Oh I almost forgot…..Miss Maddie got her haircut!  They gave her a pink camo bandana!  She looks so presh! :)

Have a very HAPPY Monday everyone!  :)




Theresa said...

Glad you enjoyed your pedicure :) I want to see Zoo Keeper. Kevin James is so funny!

Rebekah said...

Yay for pedicures! Your mug turned out SO cute! Haha, I think with things like that it's hard not to get carried away. :)

Lauren said...

Ok, several things...I'm so happy you enjoyed your pedicure, the mug is adorable and I LOVE all the twirly things, and I'm so glad to hear a great review on the's been on our must see list!

Natalie said...

Your mug turned out SO cute!! love it!

Emma Robertson said...

Your nails look lovely! I adore the color.


Newlywed and Decorating said...

I wish you could come and be my personal cheer leader! Love your attitude! And the pedicure and mug both look great!

Alisha said...

Girl, I'm addicted to coffee TOO!! I have to have a cup EVERY morning or else I can't make it through the day ;)

Congrats on your first pedi!