Monday, July 11, 2011

Sugar overload….and a sunburn.

I’m back from our family reunion weekend!  :)  It’s was lots of fun.  I came home sunburnt and a few pounds heavier.  sheesh! 

My body needs cleansed from all the sugary sweet foods.  Tonight the hubby and I are hitting up cross training class.  I’m not gonna lie though…..eating junk food for 3 days was fun!  ;) 

Oh…..husband and I did a paddle boat on the lake!  It was funny!  We wanted to try the kayaks but they only had one. 

I found my new favorite fro-yo place in town.  It’s Cherry Berry!!!!!! It is simply amazing!  It is my dream place because I have been obsessed with cherries my entire life.  There are cherries all over this store.  And they have cherry air freshener too!  Sheer joy.


This is now my go-to spot!!!!!! 

It has been over 100 degrees in our town the past few days! yuck.  And I think the heat trend is suppose to continue this week. 

Guess what?  Mr. Tim and I celebrate 6 years of marriage this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so excited.  It is so fun reminiscing about the past 6 years and of course….dreaming about the future.  I LOVE my husband!

Speaking of husband……


He did pose next to a cardboard cut out of Justin B.  :)  Next to the fragrance section. 


And I had to get in on it too! heehee!

Hope everyone is staying cool inside!  However… mom is on a business trip in Cali and she said it’s a cool 70 degrees there! wow. 

Summer hugs & kisses!



Lauren said...

Seriously, is this heat not ridiculous! And Cherry Berry, my new found love as well...I think it might even be better than Orange Leaf--GASP!!

Michelle (michabella) said...

BAHAHAHA! I have a picture with cardboard Bieber too! Hilarious. 6years?!?! Wow. What a blessing! Happy Ann! :) Good luck tonight at cross training. I am trying to not talk myself out of working out tonight...ahhh! Such a love-hate relationship.

Alisha said...

Six years is awesome! Congrats!! And yes, this crazy heat way is ridunkulous! Talk about crazy when it's 100F everyday for an entire week... Man!

Great job on finding the fro-yo yogurt shot. B and I still need to find one here in Houston.

Hope your day is going well!

Jessie Szmanda said...

soooo funny!!! I LOVE paddleboats!!!

Michaela said...

So funny! And yay for fro yo (: Happy 6th Anniversary!!

Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary! The frozen yogurt sounds delish. We went to 7-11 today for free slurpees. They were small...only 7.11 ounces but good :) Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90s here- so far a really hot summer.

Newlywed and Decorating said...

I am eating healthy after eating a lot this weekend too! :)

Cassandra said...

oh my Cherry Berry sounds good right now, I've never been to one of those but we have a Sweet Cece's and its goood.

WOW 6 years!! thats awesome! How old were yall when you got married?! 18??

Melissa said...

happy anniversary! you're too cute!

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! And yeah, the heat has been ridiculous around here. I think the heat index for today said 115!

Anonymous said...

manders, thanks for the shout out about me being in cali !! Great to be home. pugs & fishes