Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pedi talk time

So lets talk Pedicures. 

Definitely not for the ticklish.

I got my first pedi with my friend Cori last week.  I really did love it.  I’m anxious to see how long my polish stays looking good. However I am going on a float trip this weekend….so that could cut its life span short. :(


We went to Rainbow Nails.  It seemed like they were very sanitary.  They got brand new files and made me my own box if I ever come back in.  They cleaned the foot soaking bins really well in between customers.  It seemed like everything was a-okay!


Cori was rather ticklish the whole time!  I think more so than me even! :) 

I was really nervous about them working on my heels.  I have some super duper rough heels!  haha!  I blame it on the fact that I was a dancer for many years growing up….and a lot of times we danced barefoot.  Not good on the ole feet! I have the ped egg at home and it almost makes me cry!  I hate using it.  The nail tech really didn’t do much to my heels……

Maybe she got one look at ‘em and thought there was no hope? 

Quite possibly! ;)

When she was cutting my toe nails and pushing the cuticles back…..I really thought she had cut my skin cause it HURT REALLY BAD!!!!!!  I was just sure there was blood.  (but i don’t think so) Everything was okay in the end. 

*truly that was the only part i hated*

Plus, I had already trimmed my toenails before I went in….I didn’t think they needed trimming anymore?  I dunno. 


The foot bath really does feel amazing!  Oh yeah, and the massage chair! I would have liked to have just sat there for awhile longer. 

Cori and I both picked out a shade of purple for our toes! 

*I struggled with the picking out of the polish part!!!!!* 

Way too many choices for this indecisive person! haha! I should have just went with rainbow. 


So my final verdict…..

I would definitely go again!  :)  I can’t believe I waited so long. 

Well, probably cause I’m cheap…..

I don’t think I would get these done regularly….again cause I’m cheap! haha!  I am absolutely terrible at painting my nails, but I LOVE saving money.

Well, I guess if I only got these during the summer months…..that wouldn’t be too bad.  I think that would be worth it to have pretty feet while wearing sandals! 

If you have never got a pedi, you must go and give it a try! 

Everyone should try it once. :) 


Anonymous said...

i loooove getting pedis!
i can't believe you had never had one!
i am also very ticklish...i usually tell them to skip the bottom of my foot scrubbing! HA!
your nails look fab!

Rebekah said...

So glad you liked it! The worst part for me is when they push the cuticles back. Unlike you, I hate the massage chairs. Haha, I hate feeling like I'm bouncing around! The sweet ladies always turn it on and I'm quick to turn it off. :)

Melissa said...

I can't believe you haven't had one before now! I've only had 2 or 3 but love love love them!!

Anonymous said...

Love your assessment! I am very ticklish during pedicures too! They always laugh at me :) I think I'm going to get one every month while I'm pregnant. But you're right- a few during the summer time is just perfect!

Callie Nicole said...

I've gotten a manicure before, but never a pedicure - I usually just do my toes myself, and they look alright. But I think next time I have a baby I might splurge! It's hard to do your toes when you're pregnant, and I want them to look pretty for the hospital. :-)

Theresa said...

I have that ped egg too. Not sure if it works better than a plain pumice stone though. A nice lady who gave me a pedicure once told me to keep that pumice stone in the shower and use it every day. I have learned how to do my own pedicures now since I am a bit of a germ nut :) Oh and Badger Foot Balm is really great for rough heels. It is greasy so you need to use it before bed.

Emily said...

I love getting a pedi, it is my weakness. Before I was married, I went nearly every two weeks. It was my treat to myself with every paycheck! So glad you enjoyed it!

Michelle (michabella) said...

OH GIRLFRIEND!!! Pedicures ARE THE BEST!!! Esp after a 5k ;)

Page said...

So glad you were able to have this experience!!! I agree that it's pretty amazing to be pampered, but the cost is hard to cough up! We have a place in town that sounds a little like the one you went to - $25 and it takes at least 45 min. Much easier to justify then the more expensive ones! Looks like you all had fun...and your toes look great! Hope your cute pup is doing well and staying cool! :)

Jessica said...

Aww! I hate that it hurt, it shouldn't have. She might have cut your nail/cuticle too close. :(

Glad you enjoyed it though! Me and my girlfriends go often. :)

Laura Darling said...

I've never had a pedicure, but I really want to get one this summer!

Anonymous said...

Your toes look amazing!!!! Just like you!!! Love you!!!

Maggy said...

YAY! I rarely get pedi's (I'm cheap too) but, I love them. I went w. my Sister last week and got a deep shade of purple too, I LOVED it. We take forever to pick out a color too (you have to make it count!) Looks fabulous!

Newlymeds said...

Pedicures, what a fun indulgence! Glad you tried it!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i ALWAYS struggle with picking a nail color, i pick a color sit down to wait stand up again and choose a different color it is a never ending process until they sit me down in the pedicure chair then i know i am done!