Monday, July 26, 2010

miscellany monday...

This morning I am joining
miscellany monday with carissa!
My first time! It always looks like fun so here I go....

1) I am HAPPY this morning! I love my husband & pup. This morning I got around in time to chill with them for a little bit instead of flying out the door like a crazy lady!! heehee! That is normally me. :)

2) Praise the Lord....Tim got his schedule changed and now he will have regular weekends off...Sat & Sun!!!! woot woot! We haven't spent a regular weekend together in about a year. I am one happy lady. His new schedule will start in mid August.

3) I am in love with dunkin dounuts coffee. Thanks to a friend that introduced us to it. We are now addicted. We also found a new creamer we love. I think it's called Coffee House Inspirations....low fat vanilla latte or something. It makes getting out of bed a tad bit easier!

4) Last night our church had a special banquet to show the plans for our new church building. We are completely out of room (which is an awesome thing). We also talked about the money we will need to give in order to get the first phase done. Our saying is "YES HE CAN!" I'm so excited to be a part of my church and I know that God can do anything, no matter how big the task!

5) Florida is about 3 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be the longest 3 weeks ever. The beach is calling my name.

6) A little friend teased my hair yesterday (for the banquet). I think I had some major volume going on! hehe! I woke up with CRAZY hair this morning. ;) Funny thing is, Mr. Tim said he really liked my hair today. Go figure! (oh and he also said I looked slender this morning! lol! gotta love him.)

7) Did I mention I love my husband?

8) I wish I could afford things from Anthropologie! Sigh...

9) I am committed to working out more regularly this week! None of this hit and miss kinda stuff. The gym and I are best friends. I love the gym. I love to sweat. Just a little self motivation!

10) I had fun doing my first miscellany monday post! This works for me since my mind is pretty random anyways!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!
With love,


Gwen said...

I love that you love your husband :)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

It is great that you are so happy! It sounds like a lot of great things are happening for you!
I wish I could afford things from Anthropologie too! I was there yesterday and quickly realized I needed to get out of there!

Anonymous said...

Here is my "I love" list for Monday:
I love your Miscellany Monday items.
I love being your mom.
I love my granddaughter dog.
I love my son-in-law.
I love the fact that we have worshipped together at the same church your entire life!!
I love Broadway Baptist Church.
Most of all, I love the Lord!!

Pugs & Fishes!!!

Adam and Wendy said...

Hahhaha your Miscellany Monday definitely confirmed that if we ever met in real life it would prove to be fun and hilarious! My thoughts are pretty random most of the time as well!! (And hey! I love my husband too! Wow!! tehehe) It's always fun reading your blog! :)

Jenny said...

YAY for your hubby getting weekends back with you! That is such wonderful news!!

Anonymous said...

I had fun reading your miscelleny post!! Thank you *so* much for all your thoughtful and encouraging comments. I wish I could truly put into words how much they mean to me! I hope one day I have a husband I love as much as you love yours and PRAISE JESUS your church is growing!!! Also, I never eat/drink at DD's but apparently, it is all the rage. Might have to try it! Hope your Tuesday was lovely! xo

ALFIE said...

oh dunkin donuts coffee---how i love thee, too!

chelsea rebecca said...

i love dunkin donuts coffee too!! and their donuts but thats a given! haha. i am so happy that you are so happy! haha. xo!

Hannah Jo said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by and following! I am following you now and look forward to reading more of your adventures!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Where in FL are you going?!? That is so exciting! I live in Orlando :)