Thursday, July 29, 2010

McCormick & Schmick's!

Well, I thought I would share some more of our mini anniversary trip we took last week! Has anyone been to McCormick & Schmick's??? We tried it for the first time...and it was AMAZING!!! You will not be disappointed. The building was absolutely gorgeous as you can see. Banana Republic will be moving into the store below it soon.
This place is a fresh seafood restaurant. As you might know...I don't eat seafood. So I was kinda bummed when Mr. Tim wanted us to go here. But, I know he loves it and we never go to seafood restaurants. So, I went along! I wasn't expecting to love it.
This is the amazing ceiling we got to look at while dining! So pretty. All of their seafood is flown in fresh daily. And I have always heard that you will know if you are at a good seafood restaurant if you can't smell fish when you walk in the door. Well, the place didn't smell fishy at all! I was so glad cause I hate the smell! :) I was pleased.
To add to the charm of the restaurant....they printed us our own special menus for the night that said Happy Anniversary on the top! And we got to keep them! love that!
Mr. Tim is showing off his menu. He ordered the Wild Sockeye Salmon. Sounds disgusting....but he loved it! hehe! He told me it was the best salmon he has ever had!
Well I got to choose from steak or chicken and I went with the Maple Brined Chicken with roasted veggies. It was awesome! (sorry...i look was like 100 degrees and muggy and i couldn't tolerate my hair on my neck any longer!!! haha!)
To top off the meal, we had their signature dessert...the Chocolate Bag! What is that you ask? It is a dark chocolate mold made to look like a bag. Inside it is filled with a white chocolate mouse and whipped cream. It is topped with lots of fresh berries. It was divine!
This was after our meal! We were both hot and sweaty monsters! haha!
Finally after our dinner we went to see the new movie Inception!!! Has anyone seen this yet? You must go! It was phenomenal! Sometimes I have trouble following movies like this and I tend to ask a lot of questions. Well, I promised Mr. Tim that I wouldn't ask him a single question during the movie. That I would just watch it and we could talk about it later. I did good and I didn't ask him anything. It is intense...and will blow your mind! lol!
Let me know if you have seen it! Well, I'm off to do some work! Oh, I had a lovely apple muffin this morning from panera thanks to my hubbs!
I'm off to a good start today! :)


Stephanie said...

That dessert looks amazing!!! I'm going to see Inception tomorrow night, can't wait. Love, love, love Leo!

Jenny said...

YES I LOVE THAT PLACE! My Husband actually proposed to me at the one here in San Diego. They printed on the menu's "Congratulations Caleb and Jenny!" and we got to keep them. Their food is AMAZING.

I'm so glad you two had a good time. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Oo - I think we could be friends! I don't like seafood but my husband is obsessed with it too :) Aren't you glad most places have a chicken/steak option? And man, that dessert makes it all look worthwhile! Happy Anniversary!

Emma said...

that chocolate bag looks so good! and i love inception, i feel silly for thinking it was going to be scary!